The Guy Writes 512 Pages On His Fascinating Life, And All Anyone Wants To Hear About Is The French Pimp Chapter

mark · 10/24/07 08:00PM

· Dear ladies of The View: Don't feel special that James Lipton shared his French pimp story with you. He'll blab on and on about it to any talk show host he thinks can help him move some books. Aside to fill-in host Kassie DePaiva: Back in the day, Lipton would have turned you out so damn fast you wouldn't know what hit you.
· We've been told that if you watch these Harry Potter-inspired videos and animations, Naked Dumbledore makes an appearance. Do with this information what you will.
· RIP Peter "The Stomach" Hume, onetime Meatballs competitive hot dog eater.
· Pregnancy is really agreeing with Halle Berry. Or at least with parts of her.

Joshua Stein · 10/24/07 02:55PM

From the mailbag: "I crashed a party in the Hamptons last summer and Lipton was there. Yes, he wears as much make-up on a random Saturday as he does on TV. Yes, his hair looks like he combs brown shoe polish through it. And yes, he stares straight into your soul with a crooked grin as you walk by him (men only). He was by far the creepiest person there, and Jocelyn Wildenstein was there, cat-face and all!" Huh! So that's where Jocelyn has been!

James Lipton Didn't Know He Was A Pimp

Joshua Stein · 10/24/07 01:13PM

"Inside the Actor's Studio" host and muggle-goblin James Lipton recently visited "The View." He was there to talk about his book Inside 'Inside'. Kicky co-host Sherri Shepherd, who also plays Tracy Morgan's wife on 30 Rock, asks him the question we've all been dying to know—thus follows the longest awkwardest pause "The View" has ever heard.

Go Inside 'Inside Inside' With Insane Creepy Host James Lipton

Joshua Stein · 10/23/07 03:00PM

Buffoonish "Inside the Actor's Studio" host and author James Lipton is the gift that keeps on giving. He's so generous with his ridiculous that one can't help but feel grateful that he exists in this world. Even for the lost internet travelers who have somehow landed on the Amazon page for Inside Inside, he's got something for you. And it might just be the greatest video of James Lipton of all time.

James Lipton Takes Us Inside The Pimp's Studio

mark · 10/19/07 07:39PM

· James Lipton: actor, writer, academic, talk show host, raconteur, French pimp. Excuse us: American pimp living in France. Truly, there is nothing this man cannot do. [NBC.com]
· If this is how the reunited Van Halen is going to sound, we may not bankrupt ourselves buying scalped tickets to the Staples Center show after all.
· The Birds star Tippi Hedren decries Hollywood's inability to generate new ideas.
· There are dozens of dogs in this insane Halloween slideshow, yet not a single one is wearing a Lindsay Lohan costume. Amateurs, the lot of them!
· Tripadvisor can help you plan your stay at the number one beet-related agrotourism destination in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

James Lipton's Memoir May Be The Worst Thing Ever

Joshua Stein · 10/12/07 09:30AM

James Lipton, host of Bravo's Inside The Actor's Studio, has a book! It's called Inside Inside and we got our copy today. It's 492 pages long and costs $27.95. If the first two pages are any indication, it might be the most gloriously horrendous book ever written. You have to love a man who starts the memoir of his middle-brow career with an epigraph by Chaucer, from 'The Canterbury Tales': "And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche." Nearly as trenchant as Dostoevsky's "Raskolnikov seemed offended." (Crime and Punishment, pg 144.) Or Faulkner's immortal words, "'Such good beer,' she said." (Sanctuary, pg 140.) Except with the added benefit that Chaucer is a) in Middle English and b) in the prologue. Let's face it, Lipton only has time for prologues. He's a busy guy and can barely read. But can he write? You decide.

James Lipton Is A Lying John

Joshua Stein · 10/08/07 11:58AM

James Lipton, who takes time off of his busy schedule of being a horrendous bore to ask actors dumb questions on Bravo's "Inside the Actor's Studio," wrote a memoir called "Inside Inside." We'll visit it in due time. In the interim, to answer the question, or rather the degree, of Mr. Lipton's pretentious hideosity, we'll have to rely on a recent New York magazine interview conducted by ex-BlackBook editor William Georgiades "on the deck of of Lipton's Bridgehampton home, where he also sang in Latin."

James Lipton And Bravo's Andy Cohen Spend An Unforgettable Evening With Miss Ross

seth · 04/09/07 06:27PM

We hate to so soon dip back into the bottomless, celebrity-contaminated well that is Bravo executive Andy Cohen's blog, but when every post reads like the conspiratorial oversharing of your almost inconceivably better-connected best friend over a lunch of chopped Cobb, can you really blame us? The appeal isn't in his mere relentless name-dropping; rather, it's the utter randomness of the combination of those names, placed into the gayest environments known to Man, that makes for riveting reading. Take, for example, today's post, in which rainbow beams practically explode from Andy's fingertips as he recounts his experience attending a Diana Ross concert as the guest of unlikely member of the Bravo star stable, Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton: