Here Is a Fox News Reporter Who Doesn't Belong In Jail

John Cook · 04/08/13 11:51AM

Jana Winter, a dogged and capable reporter who writes for Fox News' web site, is being threatened with jail time by an overzealous Colorado judge who wants her to reveal her sources. Not as many people care about this as much as they ought to, which is one of the consequences of working for a nakedly partisan shitshow masquerading as news outlet.

Cord Jefferson · 03/12/13 05:02PM

A judge entered a not guilty plea on James Holmes' behalf today after Holmes' attorneys came unprepared to make a plea.

The Unbearable Invisibility of White Masculinity: Innocence In the Age of White Male Mass Shootings

David J. Leonard · 01/12/13 02:15PM

I have been profiled my entire life as innocent. When disruptive in class, I was told that I was eccentric, that I needed to work on my focus. Growing up, I looked for fights and conflicts yet I never fit the profile of a juvenile delinquent. The chip on my shoulder never signified a thug; I was just a kid with a bad temper who needed to mature and grow out of it.

Gunman in Aurora, Colo. Has Multiple Hostages, According to Police [UPDATE: 4 Reportedly Dead]

Jordan Sargent · 01/05/13 10:46AM

This month was supposed to represent some sort of closure for Aurora, Colo., with the Cinemark that was the site of last summer's mass shooting set to reopen on Jan. 17 in a ceremony attended by the town's mayor and the state's governor. Instead it could also be marked by tragedy: police believe a gunman there is currently holding three or four hostages in a town house.