Bi-curiouser and Bi-curiouser! James Franco's Interior. Leather Bar

Rich Juzwiak · 01/03/14 02:57PM

"Cultural appropriation" is usually understood as a one-way street: A privileged outsider steals from a disenfranchised group and eats the profits. This is an easy enough narrative, but the truth is generally more complicated—see Little Richard's gratitude for Elvis Presley as an "integrator." Or take James Franco and Travis Mathew's new film Interior. Leather Bar, a fascinating instance of cultural "appropriation" that feels like cultural exchange.

NYU Student Stuck Between Two Buildings Saved by James Franco

J.K. Trotter · 11/05/13 03:28PM

19-year-old NYU student Asher Vongtau is counting his blessings. Over the weekend, the Pittsburgh native fell from the roof of his Tribeca dorm, where he had been drinking, into the terrifyingly narrow space between the dorm and the adjacent building on Lafayette Street—and wasn’t discovered, thankfully alive, until 36 hours later. How did he survive the ordeal? His mother told told Trevor Kapp at DNAInfo that actor and NYU grad James Franco played a role:

Taylor Berman · 06/17/13 10:05PM

The latest rich person to attempt to crowd-fund a vanity project? None other than our old friend James Franco, who is attempting to raise $500,000 to adapt three of his own short stories into a film trilogy. In Franco's defense, all profits from the films (if there are any) will go to charity.