Gmail Hacking Epidemic Terrorizes Internet

Adrian Chen · 04/15/11 11:29AM

Atlantic writer James Fallows is sounding the alarm about a Gmail "hacking epidemic." The gmail accounts of his wife and three other people he knows have been hacked! That's definitely a hacking epidemic in the world of "James Fallows acquaintances." But is something bigger going down?

Why Journalism Is Not Dying

Ravi Somaiya · 05/15/10 01:59PM

James Fallows has a truly excellent analysis of why journalism is not dying (just paper and ink) and how Google sees the industry changing. Read it if you're bored with the usual doom and gloom. [Atlantic]

JoeJournalist Had Better Be James Fallows, Because We're Getting Pretty Goddamned Tired Of This Story

abalk2 · 11/30/06 09:20AM

So, JoeJournalist: We figured this scintillating story had run its course but, unfortunately, no. In a segment on the consistently incendiary BloggingHeads.tv, suspected self-aggrandizer Mickey Kaus claims that he knows who the solipsist is, and that it isn't Andrew Sullivan (or Kaus). Mickey won't give up the name, but he does volunteer that the journalist in question is "an important figure in the New America Foundation."