Barack Obama Awards an Oscar to James Earl Jones!

The Cajun Boy · 05/22/09 01:46AM

Quick, somebody get Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on the phone, because not only is our Muslim-communist Dear Leader taking over all of American industry, he's also dishing out Academy Awards!

A Black Presidency: Peace, Prosperity, Dangerous Competence

Richard Lawson · 02/20/08 11:40AM

Seeing as we could very well have a black president soon, curious patriots are tilling through the earth of our history, trying to divine some clues from the past as to what that could mean for America. We, on the other hand, just Googled "black presidents in movies." The Onion recently ran one of their jokey-jokey op eds on the subject, and NPR even covered it over a a year ago. What lessons can we learn from our celluloid brothers-in-chief? What can we expect when we're expecting a black president?

AOL/TW on the big screen

Gawker · 01/21/03 10:05AM

Vanity Fair's Nina Munk is following the AOL/TW saga in preparation for a book. If it's optioned for film, Munk's casting choices are as follows: "Peter Gallagher as Bob Pittman; Burt Reynolds as Ted Turner; Dustin Hoffman as Gerald Levin; James Earl Jones as Richard Parsons; and either Michael Douglas or Kiefer Sutherland (with his hair darkened, presumably) as Steve Case."
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