Maggie Lange · 08/28/13 04:42PM

James Deen, a man who does sex, talks about sex, again. This time he asks the question of porn watchers: "Are you looking at it as something beyond entertainment? Do you think you can drive your car down the stairs like in The Bourne Identity?"

Straight Porn Superstar James Deen Talks Gay Sex, Onscreen and Off

Rich Juzwiak · 08/02/13 09:00AM

Porn performer James Deen will not discuss his Canyons costar Lindsay Lohan. But he will discuss his experiences with gay sex, both onscreen—in Paul Schrader’s aforementioned bizarrely mesmerizing and already-storied thriller—and in his real life. What does that say about a performer whose heterosexuality is a commodity that’s sold countless straight porn movies, including Farrah Abraham’s “sex tape?”

Farrah Abraham Made a Porno Because She's "Sad Sometimes"

Rich Juzwiak · 05/09/13 10:36AM

Farrah Abraham continues her it's-not-a-porno media tour regarding the porno that she did with porno god James Deen, which includes a quintessentially porno shot of her porno vagina squirting porniferously. Abraham maintains that Backdoor Teen Mom is a sex tape, something originally intended for her own private use that should never require, oh you know, a media tour. She maintains this, you see, because Farrah Abraham thinks she is smarter than you. What a clown.

9 Essential Parenting Lessons from the Teen Mom Sex Tape

Caity Weaver · 05/07/13 12:41PM

It’s not all that surprising that Farrah Abraham shot and sold a sex tape. Every reward America has ever given Farrah has been a direct result of her having sex. In 2009, America rewarded Farrah—then a popular cheerleader at Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs, Iowa—with her own episode of MTV's 16 and Pregnant. Next, it rewarded her with a starring role on four seasons of Teen Mom. Now it’s rewarded her with a paycheck in the “high six figures” for a sex tape she shot with porn star James Deen. She’s already been rewarded for that with an endorsement deal in the “low six figures," for hawking a raspberry-flavored weightloss pill.

Here's The First Clip From Farrah Abraham's 'Sex Tape' [NSFW]

Neetzan Zimmerman · 05/06/13 11:16AM

As number-one-mom Farrah Abraham continues to act like her "secret private sex tape" with porn giant James Deen was leaked to Vivid Entertainment against her will — "I KNOW WHAT'S OUT- Don't talk to me about it:) Thanks #XXX," she just tweeted — the company best known for making Kim Kardashian a thing has finally unleashed upon an unsuspected public the full force of Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

Here's the First Trailer for The Canyons, The Movie Co-Starring Lindsay Lohan and Porn Star James Deen

Taylor Berman · 10/08/12 07:51PM

The first trailer for the much-anticipated James Deen-Lindsay Lohan bangfest The Canyons is finally here. It's about what you'd expect: lots of violence, sex, and sleazy-looking LA action. The film, written by Paris Hilton-defender Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Taxi Driver scribe Paul Schrader, lacks both a release date and, judging from the trailer, dialogue.