Newspapers Soft-Pedal $700 Billion Bailout

Ryan Tate · 09/23/08 04:35AM

What does it take to get American editorial pages honest-to-God riled up about something? In addition to the expected criticism from the left, Hank Paulson's $700 billion bank bailout has been savaged by no less a conservative than Newt Gingrich, who wrote, "we’re using the taxpayers’ money to hire people to save their friends with even more taxpayer money." Among the more strenuous Congressional opponents is the Republican senator from Alabama who chairs the Senate banking committee and said he worries the bailout "is neither workable nor comprehensive despite its enormous price tag." The Monday plunge in the dollar and U.S. stocks was widely seen as rendering judgement on the cost and effectiveness of the plan, unveiled over the weekend. And yet, save for some quibbling about oversight, the Times' Tuesday editorial on the matter treats the bailout as a given:

Steve Rattner's Call to Arms

cityfile · 06/24/08 12:00PM

Don't expect to see Steve Rattner and Jim Cramer chatting about the state of the economy over steak tartare at the Four Seasons. In the current issue of Portfolio, the heavyweight financier, Democratic fundraiser, and former Times reporter aims the barrel of his gun straight at the buffoonish former journalist-turned-hedge fund manager-turned-hyperactive TV host. When the magazine asked Rattner who you can trust for investment advice, Cramer wasn't exactly on his short list.

abalk · 06/14/07 03:52PM

Maybe because he takes credit for the work of others! Also, because he's a buffoon. [NYM, via]

Balk vs. Cramer

abalk · 05/29/07 03:15PM

Today's New York contained one of the most self-indulgent articles ever written. It was by James Cramer and it was, of course, about James Cramer. Could Gawker do better? We naturally turn to look inward. It was editor Alex Balk who came up with some answers.

Media Bubble: Jim Cramer Seems Slightly Less Restrained of Late

abalk2 · 06/16/06 01:18PM

• Tyler Green asks the hard questions about NYT art critic Grace Glueck's relationship with the Clark Art Institute: "[W]ho at the NYT knew? And why wasn't it flagged as an obvious conflict of interest?" Our question: Grace Glueck? Clark Art Institute? Should either of these names ring a bell? [Arts Journal]
• Boobies + alcohol + college kids + Internet = $. If you've never read a piece about CollegeHumor.com, today's the day to smack yourself in the head and say, "I coulda done that!" [Fox News]
• Majority of English hacks privately educated, owe their jobs to school connections. Thank God things are different here in the U.S.A. [Guardian]
• Blogger-turned-Time columnist sticks it to The Man, gets fingered. [The Nation]
• Acting like a hyperventilating batshit loon who's one step away from the bughouse is one thing, but when you add props to the occasion, you're crossing the line. [Marketwatch]

Media Bubble: How Noble in Reason! How Infinite in Faculties!

Jesse · 10/21/05 02:56PM

• Judy Miller is a real piece of work, says Wash Postis Gene Robinson. Not that there's anything wrong with that. [WP]
• Jim Cramer TV is a "surreal nightly call-in show on CNBC that is perhaps best described as Louis Rukeyser meets televangelism meets Pee-wee's Playhouse." [BizWeek]
• At D.C. awards dinner, Roger Ailes picks up Freedom of Speech award — and proceeds to exercise that right with wild abandon. [B&C]
• At Puerto Rico confab, magworld learns, among other things, that Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker does laps in a Speedo. Oddly enough, we knew that already, and we have no idea of how or why. [WWD]