Jimmy Fallon Murders Pierce Brosnan at GoldenEye 007

Jay Hathaway · 08/20/14 08:58AM

Jimmy Fallon got to live the (1997 version of the) dream on his show last night, playing the classic Nintendo 64 shooter GoldenEye 007 with James Bond in GoldenEye himself, Pierce Brosnan.

Maggie Lange · 07/11/13 11:40AM

Sam Mendes, director of the 2012's James Bond installment Skyfall, has just signed on to direct James Bond 24, set for release in the fall of 2015. Daniel Craig will continue to play Bond, John Logan is writing the script.

The James Bond of Sweden Sells Spark Plugs: A Dispatch From the Nybro Action Team

Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand · 04/05/13 09:20AM

The Nybro Action Team consists of Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand, two under-employed roommates living in Nybro, a small industrial town in southern Sweden. Hjalmar is a chef; Alex takes woodworking courses. They offered to visit the James Bond Museum in their city and send us a dispatch, which we gladly accepted. We have lightly edited their post for grammar and punctuation.

James Bond Is the Reason Richard Cohen Can't Date 23-Year-Olds

Max Read · 11/27/12 11:15AM

Richard Cohen, who is employed by the Washington Post as an opinion writer for reasons which, like God's peace, passeth all understanding, saw Skyfall this weekend, and something is bugging him: This Daniel Craig fellow is rather... muscly.

Taylor Berman · 09/07/12 09:19PM

Daniel Craig has signed up for at least two more James Bond movies, making him the third longest-tenured Bond.

Skyfall: James Bond Is Still James Bond

Louis Peitzman · 07/28/12 02:40PM

Last night, Daniel Craig's James Bond picked up the Queen at Buckingham Palace and flew her over the Olympic Stadium, where Her Majesty parachuted into the crowd.

Friday Night Lights Is Not Dead

Richard Lawson · 10/06/11 04:52PM

Yes, our beloved football friends may yet live. Also today: good news for an American Horror Story, bad news for an American idol, and James Bond has a new title.

The Great Gay Hunk Mystery Is Finally Solved

Richard Lawson · 08/17/10 04:00PM

It's true. Read no further if you don't want a big, gay hunk mystery spoiled. Also today: Some completely gross Battleship casting, a timely Gossip Girl cameo, and an alien-related war brews in Los Angeles.

Another Alleged Russian Spy Caught, Deported from US

Jeff Neumann · 07/14/10 05:08AM

The Russian spy story continues: A mid-twenties software tester at Microsoft, Alexey Karetnikov, has been deported on immigration charges and is said to be the 12th member of the spy ring. Last chance for reporters to overuse Cold War clichés!

What James Bond Does On His Days Off

Aman Ellis · 01/22/10 02:13PM

There's nothing like enjoying a nice day in the outdoors with your friends. Oh, and blowing stuff up with a tank is cool, too.