How Much Racist Ranting Does It Take to End Mel Gibson's Career?

Adrian Chen · 07/10/10 09:26AM

Mel Gibson gets dropped by his talent agency. Ryan Seacrest picks up the tab. Lindsay Lohan won't be able to smoke in prison. James Franco dishes on fake sex with Julia Roberts. Saturday's gossip roundup looks like a Vegas Whore.

Paul Dano to Star in Most Indie Movie Ever

Adrian Chen · 01/18/10 02:01AM

Paul Dano got his start in the super indie film "L.I.E." Then he did bigger things like "Little Miss Sunshine" and "There Will Be Blood." Now he returns to his indie roots with what sounds like the indiest indie ever.

James Frey Is Waiting For Your Call

Alex Carnevale · 04/22/08 11:53AM

As part of the self-promotion for his new novel Bright Shiny Morning, fictive memoirist James Frey has enabled a feature on his Big Jim Industries website that allows fans to leave voicemail messages, and get messages back. One fan passes on the moving tale of her brother reading Frey's book in jail and getting sober; another gives him strength by letting him know that "I'm reading your work on a regular, daily basis, when I eat breakfast, when I brush my teeth, then at night I brush my teeth again and I read the book." This is surely a part of Frey's writing process on Bright Shiny Morning, one that allows him to research the story of "a bright, ambitious young Mexican-American woman who allows her future to be undone by a moment of searing humiliation." Her boyfriend finds a salacious voicemail from Frey encouraging her to buy his new book, we guess. The description of the book, due in stores on May 13th, also amusingly terms it Frey's "first novel." Still, we'd never doubt Frey's ability to promote himself: As the Post noted this morning, he'll be a featured speaker at the American Library Association convention in June. [Big Jim Industries]