Ellie Kemper: Your Next Movie Star

Richard Lawson · 06/14/11 05:00PM

The little lady's got some heat on her, fresh off of one hit and onto a potential second one. Also today: Tom Cruise likes 'em big, two actors join the fight against the zombies, and J.Lo might J.Go.

How the Heidi Montag Sex Tape Became a Lesbian Sex Tape

Adrian Chen · 08/22/10 09:41AM

The Heidi Montag Sex Tape keeps getting sexier! Justin Timberlake is the face of a women's perfume. A Jonas brother has a new girlfriend. True Blood stars get married! Sunday Gossip Roundup is battered and deep fried.

Let's Put Jake & Vienna In Jail and Never Let Them Out

Richard Lawson · 07/06/10 01:29PM

Did you watch the big Bachelor blowdown that aired during the The Bachelorette last night? Bitter exes Jake Pavelka and Vienna Sausages sat on a Loveseat of Awkwardness and dished about their nasty breakup. It was horrible.

Bachelor Jake and Vienna Reunite, Fight Dirty in Post-Breakup Interview

Whitney Jefferson · 07/05/10 10:14PM

Accusations of "fame-whoring" and emotional abuse flew, but in the end Jake was "just not that into" Vienna. It makes sense: hot dude—with perfectly-groomed eyebrows—moves to LA, begins an acting career, and forgets about his possibly cross-eyed fiancée.

Naomi Campbell Is Secretly Bald

Maureen O'Connor · 06/29/10 08:54AM

The world recoils at the news that a supermodel is not completely flawless, just mostly flawless. Jeremy Piven drops his cellphone in the toilet. Kristen Stewart has a litter of half-wolf hybrids. Tuesday gossip confirms what you already knew.

Katy Perry Danced So Hard She Broke Something

Maureen O'Connor · 06/23/10 09:23AM

"17 stitches later" Katy Perry contemplates using a walker onstage. The cast of Glee won't stop banging on set. Conan and Lance Armstrong get in a Twitter fight. Tiki Barber is broke. Wednesday gossip gets you through the hump.

Lindsay Lohan to Pose Naked with Alcohol-Monitoring SCRAM Bracelet

Maureen O'Connor · 06/22/10 09:32AM

Lohan's people will probably airbrush the SCRAM out of her nudie pics, but hopefully there will be outtakes. The Bachelor breaks up with his reality TV-anointed wife. Everybody who's anybody is posting Miley Cyrus crotch pictures, now. Tuesday gossip cometh.

The Bachelor: On The Wings of Laying It on Thick

Mike Byhoff · 03/02/10 04:47PM

Decisions, decisions. So many confusing—and arousing—emotions factored into Jake's final decision last night—and it wasn't an easy one! Love was in full bloom, and The Bachelor certainly beat us over the head with it.