Did a Rampaging Mogul Doom the Deal to Buy Gothamist?

Ryan Tate · 05/11/10 03:26PM

Cablevision boss Jim Dolan has created such a PR trainwreck around his supposed acquisition of blog network Gothamist it's hard to imagine the deal ever closing. Dolan's bullying of a journalist may have already killed the shaky-looking deal.

Has the Gothamist Acquisition Fallen Through?

Ryan Tate · 04/27/10 07:17PM

We hear Cablevision's much-heralded acquisition of blog network Gothamist might be imploding. That would certainly help explain why Gothamist is trying to hire its own sales guy, a month after news of its supposed acquisition.

Ask About the Tits, Harvey

Ryan Tate · 01/13/10 09:00PM

TMZ's managing editor asked a pressing boob question; Twitter's founder inflated a newspaper article; and a TechCrunch writer puffed up her sources. The Twitterati were swell.

Jake Dobkin

cityfile · 01/30/08 01:27PM

Dobkin is the co-founder and publisher of Gothamist, the network of 14 city-specific blogs around the world. His partner in the venture is Jen Chung.

Hot Illicit Guggenheim Photo Revealed

Chris Mohney · 08/01/06 10:50AM

No matter how much we kid the Gothamists, we're the first to declare that head Gothamista Jake Dobkin is a helluva lensman. Not only did he capture and reconstruct this excellent panorama of the Guggenheim Museum during the recent exhibition by architect Zaha Hadid, but he did so while avoiding capture and execution by the Goog's ever-watchful anti-photo fascists. Someday we'll indulge our fantasy of dumping a load of superballs down that curvy ramp, docents be damned.

Rice to Riches reviewed

Gawker · 04/05/03 03:52PM

The Gothamist's Jake Dobkin takes Lockhart Steele up on his challenge and reviews Rice to Riches in excruciating detail. Jake's description of the interior: "do you remember that place Bot that opened next to Rice on Mott Street? Well, if that place got into a threesome with the Remote Lounge on Bowery and a Haagen Daas, this is the mutant child that would result." Another Gawker reader writes, "I have, along with my friend who lives on Bowery and Spring, decided to do a box contest on when Rice to Riches will go down in flames and then be rebuilt into the seed bodega it should be. For 5 dollars you can buy a box - the X axis will be month and the Y axis will be day. I expect the X axis to be no more than two rows deep."
Rice to Riches reviewed [Gothamist]