Jake Bronstein Will Kiss Your Feet, Nail You

abalk2 · 01/17/07 11:00AM

Remember art-lover Jake Bronstein? Fella who got canned from FHM for saying something mean about Howard Stern's girlfriend? Well, our Jake isn't the kind of man to let something as potentially devastating as being relieved of one's portfolio to interfere with the wielding of one's well-molded manhammer. This month's Glamour features a gallant epistle of gratitude from Jake to some broad that he banged after picking her up at Whole Foods on the day of his dismissal. Click to enlarge.

Jake Bronstein to 'FHM': Thanks for the Memories

Doree Shafrir · 01/02/07 05:00PM

Former penis-molder, photographer, and FHM editor-at-large (before he was fired for making vaguely derogatory comments about Howard Stern's girlfriend Beth Ostrosky) Jake Bronstein has always been a bit jacknapey, but his latest stunt is rather amusing, if only for the sheer head-scratchingness of how he managed to pull off stealing a four-foot-long poster of Beth Ostrosky from the FHM offices.