How Are You Going to Spend the $550 Million You Just Won in the Powerball Drawing?

Taylor Berman · 11/28/12 11:24PM

Congratulations, person holding the ticket with 5-16-22-23-29, PB-6 on it! You just won the $550 million Powerball. That's right, you proved the naysayers wrong, and you're rich. But now what? As the haters will rush to remind you, winning the lottery is not always the best thing that could happen, but you'll prove them wrong. But first, how are you going to spend that half a billion and change? And if, for some reason, you didn't win tonight (impossible, I know), how will you spend your hard-earned fortune once your lucky numbers come up in a few months, which will definitely happen?

The Insufferable Facebook IPO 'News' Frenzy Begins Tomorrow

Ryan Tate · 01/31/12 10:39PM

Facebook will file to go public tomorrow, in case you missed the rolling thunder bombardment of news articles this week, or in the months preceding. There won't be the faintest reason for the average person to care about this IPO until shares actually start selling months from now, but in the meantime you should steel yourself for endless breathless hype pandemonium. Oh, it's going to be awful.

Oh, Good: The Groupon Bubble Is Already Popping

Ryan Tate · 11/22/11 06:14PM

There was a flurry of interest in Groupon's stock just before the IPO, driving up the price a bit. But Wall Street's crush on the online discounter was short-lived: Its stock plummeted today, for the second time in a month. Maybe reason will actually prevail in tech investing, just this once.

Disney Buys Pornographers' Parenting Website

Ryan Tate · 11/14/11 03:34PM

Chalk one up for middle-aged mundanity over the edgy glamour of youth. Disney will pay around $40 million for Babble Media, the oft-maligned blogging hub for hipster parents, sources tell Business Insider. Disney will also onboard Babble's founders, whose hyperliterate porn mag Nerve was a critical smash but never very financially successful.

The Groupon IPO Will Be Huge (God Help Us)

Ryan Tate · 11/03/11 07:12PM

Groupon goes public tomorrow, and the financially frightful coupon startup should be a stock market hit: With about 10 times more prospective buyer than shares, the stock priced today at $20, up from an expected $16 - $18. So it looks like the tech bubble, inflated heretofore by private investment deals, is going public. How exciting.

Bono's Company Made $800 Million On Facebook

Ryan Tate · 08/17/11 12:29PM

Elevation Partners, which counts U2 frontman Bono and guitarist The Edge as investors, has seen its November 2009 investment in Facebook more than quadruple. And the gains are poised to grow even more.

Pandora Makes an IPO Fortune

Ryan Tate · 06/15/11 01:08PM

It's probably wildly overvalued, so don't buy the stock. But if you're a happy Pandora customer, you can cheer the news that the magical online radio service's IPO went well today. Three billion dollars well.

The Home That Google Built

Owen Thomas · 03/08/09 03:00PM

Twitter CEO Ev Williams and his wife, Sara Morishige, are building a house. What took so long? San Francisco's most disorganized Internet boss dude has been rich since 2003, after he sold Blogger to Google.

Google Billionaire Ex-Wife's Revenge Wedding

Owen Thomas · 01/06/09 08:36PM

What did the ex-wife of Google executive Omid Kordestani (net worth: $2.2 billion) do after getting dumped for a younger woman? She hooked up with a doctor and hired Julio Iglesias as her wedding singer.