Thintervention: The Final Workout

nightintern · 10/26/10 02:45PM

It only took 13 weeks of screaming and bacon-avoiding, but—on last night's Thintervention finale—Jackie Warner's D-listers finally lost the pounds! How did Warner reward them? With such encouraging words as,"You're not the fat boy now!" Watch inside.

Thintervention Contestants Deal With Unhealthy Appetizers

Ena Brdjanovic · 10/19/10 03:12PM

Continuing with her fear-mongering weight loss regime, hot-but-cruel Jackie Warner taunts her D-listers with the ultimate temptation test: appetizers. Watch as Thintervention's not-quite-celebrity contestants turn ugly at the sight of coconut shrimp, colbie burgers, and bread baskets. Dun. Dun. Dun.

Thintervention Will Light a Fire Under Your Ass

Ena Brdjanovic · 09/28/10 02:19PM

Jackie Warner might be going to new extremes with her fear-inducing workouts. This week's calorie buster involved twenty-pound fireman suits, medicine balls, a sledge hammer, body dummies, and a few real paramedics.

Michael Phelps' Heart May Still Be Up for Grabs

cityfile · 08/20/08 05:36AM
  • Amanda Beard denies she's dating Michael Phelps because that would be "nasty." Michael, however, isn't commenting on whether or not he's dating Lily Donaldson, or anyone else. [NYP]

Newest Power Lesbian Couple In Town Give Lindsay And Sam A Run For Their Hickey

Molly Friedman · 06/10/08 01:40PM

It's become clear that the one of the biggest trends of 2008 thus far is the emergence of lesbian chic. Girls can marry girls, starlets can publicly make out with their female roommates, and even though The L Word was canceled, its real-life L Word stars can still get it on with other lesbian cable stars. The two scissor-kick sisters in question? Well, one of our favorite indie actresses, Catherine Keener, has a little sister named Elizabeth, who starred in the Showtime series as Dawn Denbo. And while she's never publicly ‘fessed up to preferring ladies, those rumors have been an elephant in the collective lesbian community room for years. As for Keener's alleged makeout partner this past weekend, she's quite the opposite: she's loud and proud about being out. Details on Keener's game of tongue twister over the weekend, and who she played with, after the jump.

Say Goodbye to Madge and Guy, Maybe

cityfile · 06/10/08 05:43AM
  • Is it really over between Madonna and Guy Ritchie? Madge has apparently hired England's toughest divorce lawyer, Nicholas Mostyn—the same guy who handled Paul McCartney's split with Heather Mills—so the answer looks like yes. [Holy Moly!]

Hollywood Privacywatch: Even Jackie Warner Thinks Sky Sport Is Overpriced

Mark Graham · 06/06/08 05:00PM

PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by the loyal readers of Defamer. As a few emailers have noted, it took us a few weeks to collect this installment — if you want to see this feature run more frequently, be sure to send in your tips early and often! Submit yours to tips[AT]defamer.com (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line so we don't lose them) and tell everyone about the time you saw Work Out's Jackie Warner working out a gym other than the one she owns.

Sponsor Drops Workout Over 'Negative Icon'-Gate

ian spiegelman · 05/10/08 03:14PM

Jackie Warner, star of Bravo's Workout and lesbian fantasy girlfriend to straight women everywhere, is in trouble for being mean on the show and getting called "a negative icon to the gay community." In response to complaints from Warner's former fans, salty green water purveyor and Workout sponsor Gatorade is ending its relationship with the program. The sports-drink giant told the angry mob: "We have notified Bravo we no longer wish to be associated with The Workout and will be pulling our commercials. Furthermore, we will not renew our sponsorship of this program in subsequent seasons." But wait! A new sponsor has stepped forward!

Workout Star Called "Negative Icon"

Hamilton Nolan · 05/08/08 04:05PM

Jackie Warner, the personal trainer star of Bravo's reality show Workout and popular fantasy girlfriend of straight women, is facing a fan backlash for acting rude on the show. They're calling for a boycott! Apparently she fired a guy named Peeler (rudely), and now she's being branded as a "negative icon to the gay community." Harsh! Shouldn't that type of forceful condemnation be reserved for, you know, Perez Hilton? [LA Rag Mag]