One-of-a-Kind Kennedy Heirlooms Set to Go to Auction

Robert Kessler · 01/24/13 03:35PM

Next month more than 650 personal items of John F. Kennedy's are set to go for auction. They include photographs, mementos, gifts from foreign leaders during Kennedy's presidency and even clothing. All the items up for auction are from the personal collection of David Powers, who served as a Special Assistant to Kennedy during his presidency, and worked with him from the 1940's to Kennedy's death in 1963.

Jackie O. Tapes Reveal Her as JFK Murder Conspiracy Theorist?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/08/11 11:31AM

Remember when Caroline Kennedy convinced media executives to bury the History Channel's The Kennedys mini-series? We may now know what her bargaining chip was: ABC News (which has corporate ties to the History Channel) is preparing to air a series of never-before-heard audio tapes of Jackie Onassis, possibly conversing with historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. The tapes are either the juiciest Kennedy dirt imaginable or totally banal, depending who you ask.

Footage of JFK's Last Night Made Public After 47 Years

Brian Moylan · 02/22/11 12:53PM

The night before his assassination, President John F. Kennedy attended an event for the League of United Latin American Citizens in Austin. Roy Botello took a silent film of him and his wife, Jackie, arriving at the event. After sitting in a drawer for 47 years, the footage is now on the internet.

Katie Holmes Is Your Next First Lady

Richard Lawson · 04/29/10 09:56AM

No, aliens still can't run for president (unless they're named Barack Nobama!!). She's just playing a very famous one in a TV miniseries. Also today: exciting casting news about exciting actors, salary disputes, and Hollywood tragedies.

America, Meet Your New Jackie O.

Richard Lawson · 04/14/10 01:36PM

She's a Brit! Also today: The Onion keeps branching out, some news about movie festivals, Martin Scorsese will now be in 3D, and another TV remake.

The Tragic Love of Bobby and Jackie

Richard Lawson · 07/06/09 08:56AM

The New York Post runs some tidbits today from the new book Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, which purportedly reveals some steamy, sad secrets of a long-hidden affair between Jackie Kennedy and her brother-in-law, Robert Kennedy.