Kobe Bryant and Jackass Team Up For Fun Marketing Stunt

ian spiegelman · 05/24/08 12:36PM

Kobe Bryant, Wee Man, and a pool full of snakes got together for Nike's latest viral marketing campaign, the results of which just hit the Net. Sure, it's an ad, but I can watch anything Jackass-related all day, which I do as often as possible. The same can't be said for that stupid Bam show. Man, I can't stand that kid!

Microsoft's "Jackass" non-denial

Jordan Golson · 03/21/08 04:40PM

In response to the rumor that Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is the new Microsoft pitchman, a company spokesperson emails: "Microsoft is planning a consumer advertising campaign with Crispin Porter & Bogusky. We have no other details to share at this time."

"Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville new Microsoft pitchman

Jordan Golson · 03/21/08 12:20PM

Forget Justin Long as Mac and John Hodgman as PC. The latest computer pitchman could be Johnny Knoxville, star of MTV's Jackass series. A reader of the blog Cajun Boy in the City claims to have been in a focus group for an unnamed company he believes is Microsoft. Redmond's marketing execs recently hired ad firm Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the creators of Miller Lite's "Man Laws" campaign and Burger King's live-action "King." The reader writes:

All The Reasons Drugs Are Bad For You, Presented In Video Form By Steve-O

Molly Friedman · 03/14/08 01:46PM

Today's after-school special comes, as most do these days, from YouTube. Though recently 5150'd Jackass star Steve-O currently has bigger things to worry about than who's hacking into his account and putting these frightening home videos up in his absence, we certainly get a bitter taste of just what those things are after viewing this clip. After revealing a Winehouse-ian nostril dusted with white powder in the first ten seconds, Steve-O spends the next four minutes attempting to show us how to juggle in his backyard. But he's noticeably, uh, distracted, and spends most of that time ranting about the war in Iraq, all the spacial dimensions that go ka-boom, and saddest of all, ruminates on this question: "Who cares when you die?" The most surefire way to teach your kids why drugs are bad, after the jump.

Molly Friedman · 03/13/08 06:45PM

After what feels like decades spent snorting wasabi and chugging live goldfish, time has finally clocked out on Jackass star Steve-O's sanity. Star reports that Nicole Richie's ex has been placed on the ever-popular 5150 hold popularized by fellow bipolar sufferer Britney Spears. Steve-O was sent to Thalians Mental Health Facility (the same place Owen Wilson once graced with his presence back in the Stallion's sick days) after emailing suicide notes to friends and allegedly putting cigarettes out on his body. But Steve-O has more than straitjackets and a daily rainbow of pills to look forward to; he's also been officially charged with cocaine possession, a charge dating back to when he assaulted a neighbor while high. We personally think Thalians should begin work on an annual yearbook, just so all these celebs who waltz in on one drug and out on another can KIT! and XOXO! each other after the misty water-colored memories fade. [Star]

The Studios To Begin Stuffing Their Stockings WIth Canceled Deal Money Next Week

mark · 12/13/07 03:25PM

· On Monday, the studios will start unwrapping the Yuletide gift they've given themselves by halting negotiations until an indeterminate point in the new year and removing the possibility of holiday-saving miracle deal: the activation of the force majeure clauses that will allow them to cancel pricey, unwanted talent contracts. We'll say it again: Merry Strike Christmas! [Variety]
· The always-daring Jackass gang will release the next installment of their incredibly popular adventures in genital mutilation and flatulence inhalation, Jackass 2.5, online. [THR]

Great Moments In Movie Theater Marquee Censorship: Jackbutt Two

mark · 10/03/06 03:36PM

We somehow missed this when they originally posted it yesterday (we blame Yom Kippur for no good reason at all), but TMZ.com shared this photo of a theater in Orange City, Iowa, where—irony alert!—locals raised more of a stink about the ass-bearing title of Jackass Number Two decorating the marquee than about the movie's ass-baring content, and whose new, ostensibly sanitized title—double irony alert!!—is far more offensive than the original. If nothing else, the Holland Plaza Theater's Jackbutt Two brainstorm has taken the creative challenge out of what the inevitable gay porn version will be named, and which will detail the erotic, CBT adventures of stars Johnny Coxxville and Bottom Margera.

World Cheers As Steve-O Conquers Crippling Pee-Shyness At 'Jackass' Premiere

seth · 09/26/06 03:01PM

The Best Week Ever blog has video of Steve-O's Jackass Number Two premiere red carpet wee-wee-trickling misadventures. (Those hoping for a glimpse of the Pecker-O will be disappointed to find a dancing BWE logo obfuscating the oft-punished goodies, but you can always go back to our original photo post for an unobstructed view.) Co-star/walking Budweiser billboard Johnny Knoxville seems completely over the proceedings, saying, "You're on your own, kid," with a thought bubble magically appearing above him a moment later reading, "I shoulda ditched these retards for the Wilson brothers a long time ago."

Unpleasant, Involuntary Physical Reactions Induced in Critics By 'Jackass Number Two': A Round-Up

seth · 09/22/06 01:20PM

Sure, the premiere served up all the old school Hollywood glamour we've come to expect from the bow of a Paramount Pictures production. But not even Steve-O, Bam, and Wee Man overpowering and then relieving their bowels upon Billy Bush before entering the Chinese Theater could have turned Jackass Number Two into a critical success: The movie would have to earn that on its own. The reviews are in, however, and based on a random sampling of the nation's film critics, what it lacked in narrative and character development, it made up for in its visceral, puke-inducing formal elements. A round-up:

Steve-O Irrigates The Red Carpet

mark · 09/22/06 11:41AM

At last night's premiere at the Chinese Theater, Jackass Number Two star Steve-O, subtle master of physical comedy, sensed that having a baby alligator chew his scrotum or allowing one of his co-stars to attack his genitals with a jackhammer would be too showy a display of the playful irreverence that is the troupe's trademark, even on such a special occasion. Instead, he opted for the simple, elegant act of urinating on the red carpet, much to the delight of the throng of fans, wire service photographers, and tourists transfixed by every drop of his golden stream.

'Viva La Bam''s Uncle Vito Has One Eye On His Freedom

seth · 08/30/06 03:36PM

The Smoking Gun has obtained the mugshot of corpulent-uncle-to- the-Jackass-stars Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, which we've reproduced here for your nightmare-eliciting convenience. While sitting for his booking photograph, Don Vito keeps one eye firmly trained on the door at all times, steadfastly maintaining complete innocence of having fondled two teenage girls at a Colorado autograph signing. His famous nephew, Bam Margera, stands by him—eventually—saying in a recent interview with Skateboarding.com that it was a "bad move" on his uncle's part, having merely "tapped a boob during a photo," but then quickly downgrading it to "no tappage happening" after an unidentified male voice's off-camera protests managed to convince the moron nephew that he wasn't doing his uncle any favors with his potentially incriminating version of events.

Bam Margera's Uncle Don Vito Fails To Notice The 'Do Not Touch The 12-Year-Olds' Sign

seth · 08/23/06 09:16PM

Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, frequent victim of nephew Bam Margera's merciless pranksterism and an ideal candidate to be stuffed-canneloni'd to death by a Se7en-inspired serial killer, was formally charged today with "two felony counts of sexual assault on a child," after a boozy appearance Friday at an autograph signing event in Colorado resulted in allegations that he groped two underage fans:

'Jackass' Director Never Meant To Be Poster Boy For Gay Cruises

Seth Abramovitch · 05/22/06 04:35PM

Paramount has much riding on Jackass: Number Two, with the hit-hungry studio praying audiences will show up for another heaping serving of its particular brand of inter-rectal Hot Wheels fun. Director Jeff Tremaine—whose face became familiar to West Hollywood locals when Jackass star Johnny Knoxville put it on a billboard promoting a fictional gay cruise line—spoke to MTV.com about his unwitting participation in the viral marketing prank: