J.K. Trotter · 04/13/16 10:35PM

Recode asks: “Did Jack Dorsey send beard shavings to rapper Azealia Banks to promote Square Cash?” Well—did he? For the GIF-filled answer, click here.

Silicon Valley Trend Watch: Growing a Beard to Mask Pure Evil

Sam Biddle · 09/08/15 02:27PM

In a past age, the American robber baron class would combat bad publicity by building a library or calling in the Pinkertons. Today, Silicon Valley’s captains of industry convince people they’re not a horror-show money vampires simply by growing cool beards.

Jack Off to Executive Suite, With Dick Out

Sam Biddle · 06/11/15 04:30PM

Former comedian Dick Costolo will “step down” (Ha Ha) from his CEO perch at Twitter, a company that only recently started making money and hasn’t been making enough of it. His replacement is Jack Dorsey, former poet, and notorious monster and screwer of friends.

Twitter Was Almost Named Jitter

Ryan Tate · 07/19/11 03:29PM

Before it was "Twitter" or even "twttr," America's favorite microblogging service had two other, absolutely terrible names. Crackhead names.

Twitter Is as Big as America

Ryan Tate · 05/18/11 05:44PM

Twitter has completed its 300 millionth user registration, meaning its census nearly matches that of the entire United States. It's economic output, not so much.

How Twitter's 'Predominant' Founder Was Fired and Forgotten

Ryan Tate · 04/13/11 03:12PM

He's been expunged from Twitter's official history, but Noah Glass is widely acknowledged as the microblogging system's most passionate advocate from when he named and helped create Twitter until the day he was fired. Business Insider tells his story.

The Disruption Is Coming from Inside the Building

Ryan Tate · 12/02/09 01:34PM

Layoffs at the fast-shrinking San Francisco Chronicle have freed up a lot of office space in the newspaper's headquarters. So naturally the Chronicle is now subleasing to a guy who severely undercut its business model in the first place. Spooky.

Discussing the Blow-Jobby Part of Journalism

Ryan Tate · 11/30/09 08:40PM

Sarah Silverman compared her feelings to quicksand; Rob Thomas compared President Obama to President Bush; and a newspaper staffer likened the story process to oral sex. The Twitterati turned up the contrast.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/19/09 08:23AM

Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter and the man you can blame for destroying your productivity at work, turns 33 today. Fashion designer Calvin Klein is turning 67. Meg Ryan is 48. Today show news anchor Ann Curry is turning 53. Former GE CEO Jack Welch is 74. Ted Turner is turning 71. Jodie Foster is 47. Restaurant-less chef Rocco DiSpirito turns 43. Model Daria Werbowy is 26. Actress Allison Janney is 50. WNYC president Laura Walker is 52. TV legend Dick Cavett turns 73. Jerry Sheindlin, the former People's Court judge and husband of Judge Judy, is turning 76. Former football player and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad is 60. And Larry King is 76 today, or just 24 years away from celebrating his centennial.

What Twitter Does To Your Brain

Ryan Tate · 11/04/09 02:36PM

It's not the freak occurrence it might seem, Twitter's co-founder submitting to psychoanalysis before a New York crowd. No, this sort of Jungian free-associating is what microblogging was expressly designed to do.

Is Web 2.0 Safe in a War Zone?

Owen Thomas · 04/22/09 10:47AM

The gang of webheads sent by the State Department to Iraq is doing what webheads do: blogging, Twittering, and posting photos in real time. This must be giving their government minders fits.

The Home That Google Built

Owen Thomas · 03/08/09 03:00PM

Twitter CEO Ev Williams and his wife, Sara Morishige, are building a house. What took so long? San Francisco's most disorganized Internet boss dude has been rich since 2003, after he sold Blogger to Google.

Twitter's bad news is a bad business

Owen Thomas · 12/02/08 12:00PM

People who use Twitter, a service which posts short updates to the Web and cell phones, love nothing more than to Twitter about themselves, and the medium they've so enthusiastically adopted. If you go by the Twitterers' collective reporting, every event, from an earthquake in Los Angeles to terrorist bombings in Mumbai, is more notable for the fact that people are writing about it on Twitter than for its inherent interest as news. The dominant narrative of Twitter is the rise of Twitter, the latest force to displace the mainstream media and roil the world's information economy. Too bad the real story of the company is one of top-to-bottom incompetence.

Wall Street Journal discovers Twitter

Owen Thomas · 10/28/08 03:00AM

The Wall Street Journal is running a strange article about Twitter. Everything about it strikes me as bizarre, right down to the picture, which shows Jack Dorsey, the cofounder recently ousted as the company's CEO. Indeed, the article is more telling in what it doesn't cover than what it does.For example, it doesn't even allude to the company's office drama; cofounder Biz Stone subs in as spokesman for new CEO Ev Williams. It also skips over Twitter's latest privacy violation, which even affected the author of the piece. But it does, in a roundabout way, get at the heart of Twitter's problem: The tool for posting short text updates can be useful for businesses — just not Twitter itself. Cofounder Biz Stone suggests the company may find a way to charge business customers for "premium services." A great idea. If only it had tried it a year ago, before the market crisis made such a move look desperate, rather than a bold experiment. (Photo by Getty Images)