30 Rock: The Celebrity Benefit From Hell

Matt Cherette · 01/27/11 10:46PM

On tonight's 30 Rock, Jack had a brilliant idea: pre-record a celebrity-studded benefit for the victims of a natural disaster so that NBC would have a timely exclusive once the disaster actually happened. How'd it go down? Find out inside.

30 Rock: The Odd Couple

Matt Cherette · 01/20/11 10:50PM

Tonight, 30 Rock returned from its holiday break with the news that Jack and Liz had accidentally married each other—which turns into a hilarious tit-for-tat game for both of them. Inside, a video montage of the relevant scenes.

A Family Christmas Ambush on 30 Rock

Matt Cherette · 12/09/10 09:16PM

On tonight's Christmas-themed 30 Rock, Elaine Stritch reprised her role as Jack's evil mother, Colleen, delivering one hilariously tense family moment after another. What happened? when Jack revealed to Colleen that he knew about his real father? Find out inside.

30 Rock: If Jack Donaghy Was a Robot

Matt Cherette · 11/18/10 09:35PM

On tonight's 30 Rock, the writing crew—while trying to solve a debate—inadvertently discovered that Jack appeared to be the voice of www.pronouncify.com. But how did this happen? Thankfully, as the episode went on, we found out. Videos inside.

Liz Lemon's Strange Sexual Past Revealed on 30 Rock

Matt Cherette · 10/22/10 02:55PM

Liz Lemon isn't known for her sexual prowess. Now—courtesy last night's 30 Rock—we know why! You see, it appears that nine-year-old Liz had a roller skating/Tom Jones-related accident. (Really.) Watch Liz's hilarious reveal to Jack (and flashback) inside.

30 Rock Mocks CNBC's Greed-Driven, Hot Girl-Hosted Culture

Matt Cherette · 02/12/10 03:24PM

Like everything else on television this week, last night's 30 Rock revolved around Valentine's Day. And while Liz opted for oral surgery as a date night avoidance and Jenna lamented her stalker's newfound disinterest, Jack trolled for dates on CNBC.

The Creepy Corporate Cult Behind Last Night's 30 Rock

Owen Thomas · 01/23/09 01:12PM

Who's the newest Six Sigma expert? Tina Fey. The cultish quality process observed by her employer, NBC Universal, is a predictable source of profitable laughs for her show, 30 Rock and all too real.

Jen · 11/19/07 02:34PM

Alec Baldwin's HuffPo blogs are best read to yourself with the voice of his '30 Rock' character Jack Donaghy. Heed this advice especially while reading the final paragraph of his post titled
"Three Random Things":"I miss my make-up artist, Stacey Panepinto. I miss my hairstylist, Richard Esposito. I miss all of the 30 ROCK cast and crew, who I don't see anymore because of this motherfucking, motherfucking, motherfucking strike."