Rihanna Concert Goes Up in Flames and Other Disasters

Max Read · 07/10/11 10:28AM

Rihanna's concert in Dallas burst into flames! David Letterman's set was broken in to by a vandal! Some women didn't recognize Kellan Lutz! The Royals met Jack Black! Sunday gossip is filled with stories of doom and disaster!

Can This Christian Slater Be Saved?

Richard Lawson · 05/12/11 05:01PM

Your crush from the early '90s is in trouble and he needs your help. Particularly if you are an executive at Fox television. Also today: NBC announces some new shows, Craig Kilborn is back in the game, and Stephenie Meyer wins again.

Every Celebrity You Love (or Hate) Is in Cannes Right Now

Brian Moylan · 05/12/11 12:47PM

Last night marked the start of the Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood's paid vacation to the south of France. So, who's currently caught up in the collision of blockbusters and indies? Oh, just about every star on earth. Here are just a few.

Everything About this Jack Black Interview is Epic

Chris Wyman · 12/17/10 12:05PM

From his "glistening" Gulliver's Travels preview to the impromptu snare-and-vocals performance of "Little Drummer Boy," Jack Black demonstrates an impish, delightful sort of weirdness that must be seen to be believed.

Owen Wilson Stops By Community

Whitney Jefferson · 01/15/10 03:13PM

Jack Black may have made us laugh all episode long, but it was the surprise entrance of Owen Wilson playing the leader of the "cool kids" that stuck with us the most. We've missed you, Owen!

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/28/09 06:07AM

Jack Black turns 40 today. Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills 90210 fame is 40. Actor Ben Gazzara is turning 79. Country singers Shania Twain and LeAnn Rimes are 44 and 27, respectively. Olympic figure skater (and Celebrity Apprentice contestant) Scott Hamilton is 51. Actress Jennifer Coolidge is turning 46. Filmmaker Robert Greenwald is 64. And one of the Osmonds (Wayne) is turning 58. Some of the people celebrating birthdays this weekend—including Warren Buffet, Lisa Ling, and John McCain—are below.

Jack Black's Belligerent Bar Interview

Ryan Tate · 02/22/09 08:32PM

He's red-cheeked, in a bar, vaguely aggressive and verbally erratic, so maybe Jack Black is a little sauced. More likely, he's just being Jack Black. Very Jack Black. (Click for clip.)

Rudy On the Radio, Madonna Changes Her Tune

cityfile · 12/17/08 07:33AM

Rudy Giuliani is reportedly in negotiations to take over Bill O'Reilly's syndicated radio show when he steps down early next year. Whether Rudy could handle sitting still for three hours a day and what effect this would have on his rumored plans to run for office, remain unclear. [P6]
• Jennifer Aniston is "bizarrely obsessed" with Angelina Jolie, says OK! The proof: She wore a dress that was "almost an exact copy" of something Angie once wore, and she can't stop talking about the couple to friends. [OK!]
• Madonna now says the financial details her publicist Liz Rosenberg released last week concerning her divorce settlement with Guy Ritchie were "misleading and inaccurate." [People, Mirror]
Anderson Cooper was supposedly spotted shopping for sweaters with a "young Frenchman" at Barneys Co-Op. Wait, what happened to Julio? [P6]