Harvard Is So Rich

Hamilton Nolan · 09/25/13 10:59AM

Harvard, a school in Boston that your boss's boss went to, made Fortune 500 money last year. More profit than Target, and just less than AIG. Just how rich is Harvard?

How to Have Sex at Yale

Hamilton Nolan · 09/13/13 11:21AM

Yale University, America's sex palace, has issued a memo that attempts to clarify what constitutes "consensual" and "nonconsensual" sex. Immature readers may find this memo's hypothetical scenarios "hilarious," or even "ROFLMAO." Allow us to make things more clear.

Harvard Kids: Rich, Sexless Nerds

Hamilton Nolan · 09/06/13 11:53AM

Hello, there is a new survey out telling us EVERYTHING about the proud freshman class of Harvard. What are they like, these young, sexually frustrated leaders?

Hamilton Nolan · 08/20/13 01:11PM

"He looked like an uninteresting Hunter Thompson, and then he chastised my friend Matt for not having a business card." A look at the cool, romantic people you can meet through IvyConnect.com.

Nitasha Tiku · 07/17/13 04:03PM

The Ivy League's side hustle—pricey summer camps that don't improve a student's chances of admission—are raking in revenue by preying "on the anxiety of parents."

What's a SWUG? Girl, You a SWUG.

Maggie Lange · 04/10/13 03:50PM

A SWUG, or a Senior Washed Up Girl, is a young woman in her final year at a four-year collegiate establishment who has also given up the possibility of youth. They boldly abstain from dressing up, they rarely go to parties, and declare disinterest in romantic or sexual relationships. They want to sit on a couch drinking wine with fellow SWUGs. They are a movement and their interests include apathy and "not giving a fuck."

New York Times Commenters Are Having "butthurt" From Ross Douthat's Column on the Ivies

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 04/07/13 03:20PM

Ross Douthat, the young conservative on the Times op-ed page, weighed in today on Susan Patton's totally fucked-up advice for Princeton women. His piece, which lays out that the Ivy league represents the kind of compromised meritocracy that caters to elites like Patton, especially because they give the elite a chance to preserve their wealth and status, is both nuanced and thoughtful. But it's coming from a person who tends towards the right. And attacks the type of meritocracy that has privileged most of the readership of the Times. In other words, commenters are having a really hard time trying to figure out what to make of the piece.

Epicenter of Evil (Harvard University) in Quiz Team Cheating Scandal

Hamilton Nolan · 03/22/13 09:05AM

Last night, the Harvard University men's basketball team—considered scrappy underdogs in this, but no other, field—upset New Mexico in the NCAA tournament, to the exclusive delight of Harvard alumni. Yet today, in a bit of reassuring proof of the existence of karmic justice, comes news of a Harvard cheating scandal. HIDE YOUR SHAME, HARVARD DEVIANTS: your quiz bowl team was dirty.

Half-Naked Ivy League Prof Opens Quantum Physics Course with 9/11 Footage, Hitler

Max Read · 02/18/13 05:11PM

There is no (definitive) manual on How to Teach Quantum Physics, obviously, but one imagines that if such a manual existed it would likely recommend against opening your first lecture half-naked, curled into a fetal position while footage of Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and 9/11 play on the projector. And yet! Columbia professor Emlyn Hughes opened his Frontiers of Science—one of the Ivy League university's core classes—with just such a show. Here's how Columbia gossip blog Bwog describes it:

125 Harvard Students Under Investigation for Plagiarizing in 'Intro to Congress' Class

Max Read · 08/30/12 04:36PM

Is there anything millenials can't ruin? Harvard University used to be a fairly well-respected Boston-area school. But now that they've been letting millenials in? "Harvard College's disciplinary board is investigating nearly half of the 279 students who enrolled in Government 1310: "Introduction to Congress" last spring for allegedly plagiarizing answers or inappropriately collaborating on the class' final take-home exam."

Complaining About the Sex Lives of Yale Kids Considered Good Topic for Book

Hamilton Nolan · 08/23/12 04:49PM

If you don't have a book contract right this minute, you should very ashamed. Consider: Nathan Harden (pictured), a 2009 graduate of Yale, not only got a book contract, but has already written and published his book, and that book is about how bad it is that kids are into sex things at Yale—a topic that a professional book publishing house presumably considered sufficiently interesting to pay Nathan Harden U.S. currency, to write it.

Yale Creates New, Even More Useless Law Degree

Hamilton Nolan · 07/25/12 11:35AM

Since the recession hit, law school degrees have become so toxic and worthless that they are actually worth less than nothing, because not only do they take all of your money and leave in crushing debt but you can't even get a job with them any more and if you could the job would be horrible. So—how to make a law degree even worse? That took the mindpower that only Yale can offer.