Her Royal Highness Of Princeton

Ryan Tate · 08/13/08 09:10PM

Hey everyone, IvyGate would love to introduce you to a charming new member of Princeton's incoming class, one "Stephany Her RoyalHighness" of Facebook. Probably DYING to escape the sweltering heat and unwashed rubes of Plano, Texas, Stephany has penned something of a manifesto for her freshman year, and posted it to the Princeton 2012 Facebook Group. Sure, it's a wildly elitist piece of work, starting with "do not let ANYONE tell you that you are not better than them, because you are," and continuing on to, "You have deserved this. You are Hitler the fourth, Alexander the Great the Second, Napoleon the Fifth, here to destroy the world we know." But also, and perhaps more importantly, it's a sort of cartoon Ivy League elitism as plausibly imagined by someone from a politically conservative Republican family in a place like, say, Plano, Texas. So maybe the post is a mocking satire? Or an escapist fantasy? You try figuring it out: