All the Best Gossip from Esquire's Jared Kushner Profile

Brendan O'Connor · 08/18/16 09:25AM

Amid Donald Trump’s spasmodic summer, one member of his campaign (and family) has received a growing amount of positive—or at least not explicitly negative—press: Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Today, however, Esquire has published a long and excellent profile with lots of good dirt, all about who is this smiling fellow who through his narrow greed and ambition has sold out his faith for a suicide ride on the Trump train.

The Only Woman Fit for President Trump's Cabinet Is Ivanka Trump

Ashley Feinberg · 08/05/16 10:00AM

Speaking to an NBC affiliate in Jacksonville, Florida, Donald Trump was pressed (by a former employee) to name a few of the women he might place on his cabinet when he ascends the throne. The only women Trump seems capable of naming on the spot? His beloved daughter, Ivanka Trump and—oh, I don’t know. How about you. Holding the microphone. Yeah, you’ll do.

Trump Campaign Floats Ivanka as Vice President

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/07/16 07:30AM

Perhaps in part because it was always going to end like this, and perhaps in part because no one but Chris Christie seems to want the job, Donald Trump’s campaign is now talking about the possibility of Ivanka as Trump’s vice president.

Ivanka Trump Names Newborn Son 'Theodore James'

Brendan O'Connor · 03/27/16 06:45PM

Ivanka Trump, who has been pregnant, is no longer pregnant. (She gave birth.) Her newborn son’s name is Theodore James. A nickname for ‘Theodore’ is ‘Ted.’

Horse Girl Georgina Bloomberg Trying To Make This About Her

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/11/16 05:59PM

Rumor has it the contentious 2016 presidential election is tearing apart famous acquaintances Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump. “I am also here!!!” says Georgina Bloomberg, who is, in typical horse-girl fashion, trying to make it all about her.

Here Are Some of the Many Words Melania Trump Has Said

Allie Jones · 01/26/16 09:32AM

The future First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, does not give many interviews. She’s spoken out so little during her husband Donald’s campaign, in fact, that yesterday the Associated Press published an entire profile of the woman that hangs on a few words she once uttered on an episode of The Apprentice.

Yes, That's Right, Punk Is Dead (at the Costume Institute Gala)

Cord Jefferson · 05/06/13 07:25PM

The eyes of the fashion-conscious and celebrity-obsessed turn this evening to the annual Costume Institute Gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. To accompany the Institute's latest exhibit, "Punk: From Chaos to Couture," the gala's theme this year was punk rock, because what better way to celebrate the history of punk music than by inviting millionaires to compliment one another at an exclusive party.

Ivanka Trump Accused of Stealing Designs from Actual Fashion Designer

Brian Moylan · 12/22/11 11:05AM

Derek Lam, whose name you might know but whose clothes you can't afford, sent a cease and desist letter to Ivanka Trump because she is selling what appears to be an exact copy of one of Lam's shoe designs. Damn, and Ivanka was always the only Trump we liked.

Ivanka Trump Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Lauri Apple · 07/17/11 04:42PM

The Summer of Babies continues! Today Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner said howdy to their brand-new daughter. No name yet (maybe Donaldeena?). Obvs Ivanka's the ultimate glamour-mom, but will Jared make a dutiful dad? Hmmm. [Image via AP]