Oh, Bother

Dayna Evans · 07/10/15 03:29PM

A two-year-old bear was seen at the University of Colorado Boulder today just minding its damn business (as bears do), hanging in a tree (as bears do), when authorities were called in to bring the little buddy back to its natural habitat. That bear was not enrolled in college—he is only a bear.

Breasts: Will They Appeal to Beer Drinkers?

Hamilton Nolan · 06/05/09 01:34PM

Oh look, a beer company has employed the advertising tactic of "Blonde girl showing her breasts," in order to make you, the consumer, amenable to purchasing beer. The breast-revealing ad is on YouTube! But for how long? NSFW thing below:

'Dude, I Got It. The Name!'

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/09 03:34PM

Pussy™ Energy Drink: "Pussy is a 100% natural drink. No nasty chemicals and nothing manufactured."Pussy is Jonnie Shearer's vision. He set up from his bedroom at 21 and launched in June 2004." You can't go wrong, copywriting-wise. Pussy's not available in America, sadly. [Here, via Copyranter]