Emmy Nominations That Should Happen But Never Will

Richard Lawson · 07/13/11 02:06PM

This year's Primetime Emmy award nominations will be announced tomorrow, meaning we can finally celebrate television actors. So who will be nominated? Well we kind of already know that. But who should be nominated?

The Gang Grants Charlie His Strangest Wishes on It's Always Sunny

Henry Baker · 11/19/10 01:25AM

There's no more bewildering place than Charlie Kelly's dream journal, apparently a random collection of drawings and symbols displaying his greatest aspirations. The rest of our heroes try their best to give him these gifts, if only for one day.

Trouble in Paradise for Frank and Charlie on Sunny

Henry Baker · 09/23/10 10:15PM

Tonight's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia saw our heroes dealing with the fallout from last episode's marriage craze. Of particular note were the heartbreaking fights between newlyweds Frank and Charlie. Poor guys, they could've made it work.

Today's Gawker.TV Trivia

Chris Dignes · 09/22/10 11:00AM

Gawker.TV Trivia, a daily question & answer game that tests your knowledge of television-past and present. Do you think that you've got it? Check out the answer to today's question, inside.

The Best TV Dads: A Father's Day Tribute

Kristina Lucarelli · 06/18/10 04:30PM

We here at Gawker.TV love our dads. But we really love our TV dads, for they taught us everything we'd need to know about life in under an hour. From the Danny Tanners to the Frank Costanzas, we salute you!