Garbage Art Mistaken for Actual Garbage

Brendan O'Connor · 10/27/15 09:38PM

An art installation of empty champagne bottles, spent confetti and torn party signage at the Museion Bozen-Bolzano in Italy was mistaken for actual garbage by cleaning staff over the weekend, who swept it up and put it in the garbage, Reuters reports.

Leak: American Police Bought Spyware from Sinister Italian Hacker Firm

Sam Biddle · 07/07/15 01:05PM

A Milan-based company called Hacking Team does exactly what their name implies: peddles malware and infectious spying software to oppressive governments around the world. And hackers have just leaked over 400 GB of data showing that the U.S. is among these slimy customers.

Soccer Fans to Get Free Access to Museums So They Don't Destroy Cities

Dayna Evans · 03/12/15 02:20PM

You look like you love sports. Would you ever fuck up a historical monument in order to prove to the world how much you really loved sport(s)? Would you rather go to a museum to prove that you love sports—and art—thereby killing two birds with one stone? I like where your head is at.

Hundreds Feared Drowned Off the Italian Coast

Gabrielle Bluestone · 02/11/15 10:00PM

Authorities believe an estimated 300 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean in dinghies were "swallowed by the waves" leaving only a handful of survivors off the Italian coast.