Cannoli-Slinging Italians vs. Hoity-Toity Gentrifiers in Stereotypical Showdown

Hamilton Nolan · 02/21/11 10:18AM

There was a time when Italians lived in Manhattan's "Little Italy." A long time ago. Now, it's just an area called "Nolita" full of rich people and expensive "boutiques" and the Gawker Media offices, and the only real Italian connection left is the annual Feast of San Gennaro, a horrible week-long street fair featuring fried food and seedy carnival games and lots of the same crappy vendors you see at every street fair in NYC, which represents the "true spirit of Italy" about as much as Chef Boyardee.

Fauxhemian and Italian Stereotypes Battle in Williamsburg

Hamilton Nolan · 06/07/10 09:22AM

In a magical neighborhood called Williamsburg, old meets new, religious meets artistic, cultures combine to create a wondrous...ehhh. Old Italians and young Fauxhemians behaving stereotypically, dig it!

Roberto Cavalli Goes Back to Basics

cityfile · 05/12/09 09:26AM

Roberto Cavalli spent the weekend "dancing in the desert" in Dubai. Why? The permatanned Italian just opened what he calls "the first designer club in the Middle East," that's why. The Cavalli Club, which cost $30 million to construct, includes an "opulent" Italian restaurant, sushi bar, and nightclub, and features "floors made of black quartz, 20-foot-high ceilings dripping with Swarovski crystals and furnishings in his trademark animal prints." The launch also seems to coincide with a new life philosophy. A month ago, he told a reporter he was actually kind of happy that the world was in the middle of a recession, since "too many people were making too much money." Now? He wants to "give a sign of optimism for the future." Consider the message received. [WWD]

Al Pacino Is More Italian Than You Are

abalk · 06/14/07 01:40PM

Easily-offended Italians alert: Tomorrow's Time features a fun Q&A with Al Pacino. A vowelly-surnamed reader asks the actor if he thinks "Italian-American culture is represented unfairly in film and on TV." Paco (that's what we wops call him) doesn't have any idea, it turns out, what "Italian-American" might be.