Natalie Portman Sparks New York Panic

Richard Lawson · 02/08/11 06:29PM

New York is full of actresses right now, some of them relaxing, others working. But all of them, as we've interpreted from these paparazzi photos, are thinking about Ashton Kutcher. First up is Natalie Portman who, while waiting for a cab, remembers what it was like filming No Strings Attached. [Splash]

Every Movie That's Old Is New Again

Richard Lawson · 03/13/09 09:25AM

A cable nymph moves to the big screen, every movie ever is remade by the same guy, Dawson Leery rages against a storm like a be-bouffanted King Lear, and executive wife swapping.

Lehman Brothers IT guys still have to work Monday

Nicholas Carlson · 09/14/08 10:37PM

158-year old investment bank Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy Sunday after banks Bank of America and Barclays refused to bail it out without government backing. But that doesn't mean anybody — including the IT guys — is getting the day off Monday. "We are counting on you to be at work on Monday and ready for business as usual," writes Lehman managing director Hari Gopalkrishan in an email obtained by Wall Street gossip blog Dealbreaker that we've copied below. In case your curious, popular lore has it that the last song Titanic's musicians played while the ship went down was "Nearer My God to Thee."

49 percent of US companies cutting back IT spending

Nicholas Carlson · 09/09/08 10:40AM

Forrester Research survey 950 companies in North America and Europe and learned that 40 percent of them plan to reduce their IT spending. Globally, most of these companies said that meant they would be more rigorous about their bargain hunting and probably just put some of their discretionary spending on hold. But in the US, where 49 percent of the companies surveyed said they intended to slowdown their IT spending, 20 percent indicated they actually meant to simply cut hardware, software and services spending right now. Blame the financial services sector, Forrester analyst John McCarthy told the New York Times: “I think the storm damage is very location-specific.There’s a schizophrenic U.S. economy, and the financial services guys are having a tough time.” (Photo by Claudecf)