Watch This ​Turkish Ice Cream Man Serve Up Some Magic

Lacey Donohue · 12/28/13 03:03PM

It's disturbing to imagine a street food vendor shoving an ice cream cone in your pants without permission, but this ice cream man in Istanbul's Old City makes the reality seem so fun.

What Is Going on in Turkey and Do I Really Need to Care?

Max Read · 06/03/13 02:30PM

Thousands of people have gathered in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey, organizing under the hashtag "Occupy Gezi" and broadcasting scenes of brutal police violence to the world. But why are they there? What are they protesting? And do I need to care? Let's figure it out.

A Stunning Time-Lapse Video to Restore Your Faith in Time-Lapse Videos

Max Read · 10/15/12 10:13AM

Time-lapse videos: they are all over the place, and they are all pretty, and at some point, aren't you like, "okay, I get it"? (As Dylan once sang, "How many time-lapse videos/Must a blogger post/Before he gets enough hits.") But! This one — Istanbul! Budapest! San Francisco! Vegas! Storms! The Northern Lights! — will restore faith in the power of streaming HD video and expensive "prosumer" camera equipment to even the most jaded time-lapse viewer, provided you turn down the shitty dubstep soundtrack and put on something good. Or you could just rent Koyaanisqatsi, I guess. [Reid Gower via Reddit]