Donald Trump to Propose Ideological Tests for Immigrants

Brendan O'Connor · 08/15/16 08:15AM

In a speech on Monday, Donald Trump is expected to propose the institution of a new, ideological test that immigrants to the United States would be required to take, the Associated Press reports, so as to determine their positions on social issues like religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. In any case where it cannot perform adequate screenings, the U.S. would not issue a visa.

ISIS Is the Alt-Right

Brendan O'Connor · 08/01/16 01:20PM

The newest issue of the Islamic State magazine Dabiq hit digital news stands on Monday, with front of book stories on “Why We Hate You & Why We Fight You” and the “Near-Extinction of the Western Woman.” The feature essay, “Break the Cross,” is a lengthy critique and repudiation of Christian and Jewish theology. “Why do you disbelieve in the signs of Allah?” Dabiq asks. “Be assured, Allah witnesses what you do.” The nonprofit Clarion Project notes that this is the first issue addressed to non-Muslims and potential converts.

20 Hostages Killed in Dhaka Café Attack 

Hannah Gold · 07/02/16 09:30AM

An 11-hour standoff with alleged Islamic militants at an upscale bakery in Dhaka broke Saturday morning when Bangladeshi troops stormed the premises. Of the roughly three dozen hostages held at the café, offices found 20 had been killed in one of the deadliest terror attacks the country has seen, CNN reports.

To Get This ISIS Video Workout, You'd Have to Spend $1,000, Plus Get Kicked in the Balls

Sam Biddle · 05/09/16 10:45AM

The propaganda that flows out of the Islamic State is typically of two kinds: Extreme, shocking violence (lynchings, shootings, stabbings, beheadings), or boring scenes of feigned domestic stability (a hummus factory, crops, a bus stop). But the fitness routines of ISIS constitute a third, bizarre form of media terror. Should we be scared of them?

Brendan O'Connor · 05/03/16 06:56AM

A U.S. military service member has been killed in combat in northern Iraq, the Associated Press reports. The American, serving as an advisor to Kurdish Peshmerga troops, was killed by “direct fire” from Islamic State forces that had breached the Peshmerga’s forward line.

ISIS Releases Good Anti-ISIS Propaganda Image

Sam Biddle · 03/28/16 03:32PM

The Islamic State slaughters innocents with abandon, destroys precious antiquities, and starts frivolous beefs on Twitter. And yet it still manages to ensnare youths from around the world—but has it gone too far now?