Elliot Rodger Was a Product of America's Gun Culture

Adam Weinstein · 05/27/14 02:10PM

When the subject of lethal firearms and mass killers and gun regulations comes up, as it will again and again, keep this quote handy. These are the words of Elliot Rodger on getting home with his first handgun, not long before his massacre in Isla Vista:

Joe the Plumber: "Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights"

Adam Weinstein · 05/27/14 12:00PM

Joe the Plumber is an idiot. But in his latest idiocy—a crass dance on the graves of the just-murdered mass-shooting victims in Isla Vista—he teaches us all an important lesson about exactly how conservative thought on individual rights has shifted in recent years.

Seven Dead in Drive-By Shooting Near UC Santa Barbara

Kelly Conaboy · 05/24/14 08:28AM

Authorities report that a gunman and six others were killed, with seven more injured, when a shooter opened fire in the college town of Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara on Friday night.