ISIS Releases Good Anti-ISIS Propaganda Image

Sam Biddle · 03/28/16 03:32PM

The Islamic State slaughters innocents with abandon, destroys precious antiquities, and starts frivolous beefs on Twitter. And yet it still manages to ensnare youths from around the world—but has it gone too far now?

Study: More Useless Liberal Arts Majors Could Destroy ISIS

Sam Biddle · 12/07/15 02:29PM

It’s generally assumed that the last thing the world needs is more kids pursuing a degree in philosophy, sociology, and other fields of study that generate annoying adults and bloggers. But a new study says that if we had fewer scientists and engineers, ISIS would starve.

Paris Massacre Mastermind Bragged About Infiltrating Europe in February Interview

Sam Biddle · 11/19/15 11:35AM

ISIS isn’t just a sprawling paramilitary terrorist organization, it’s also a media company, with digital and print publications reaching a global audience. Its flagship publication is Dabiq, the Vogue of global jihad. In its February 2015 issue, the chief suspect in the recent assault on Paris sat down for an interview and made his intentions obvious.

Even ISIS Guys Have Twitter Drama

Sam Biddle · 11/04/15 12:17PM

The scariest thing about ISIS (if, like most Americans, you are in no actual danger of coming into contact with ISIS) is that the more members (or fanboys) you follow on Twitter, the more they resemble you and your friends, in that we are all petty idiots. Today, one militant is taking a break from building the Caliphate to beef with some guy on social media.

How a Mentally Ill Japanese War Tourist Became an ISIS Hostage

Sam Biddle · 01/20/15 12:30PM

Two Japanese hostages were unveiled by ISIS this morning in a video demanding a $200 million ransom: A journalist named Kenji Goto, and "security contractor" named Haruna Yukawa. But Yukawa is less a private mercenary than a war tourist—one who traveled to Syria in the wake of a serious mental breakdown.

Iraqi Officials: Head of ISIS Wounded In Airstrike

Brian Feldman · 11/09/14 04:30PM

The Associated Press is reporting that the leader of ISIS (aka the Islamic State aka ISIL), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was wounded in an airstrike on Saturday. Brief statements from Iraq’s Defense and Interiors Ministries said that al-Baghdadi had been wounded, working off of intel provided by informants within ISIS. They did not elaborate on the extent of said injuries.