Hunter Moore on California's Revenge-Porn Law: "You Fucking Retards"

Camille Dodero · 10/04/13 09:58AM

Earlier this week, California passed a law designed to criminalize revenge porn. Under this immediately effective legislation, any person who privately takes a consensual photo of another person nude, but then maliciously distributes the intimate image can be punished for up to six months in jail and/or $1,000 in fines. Yesterday, Hunter Moore, a Warped Tour scene goon turned proud revenge-porn thug, posted a YouTube rant about the legislation. A summary: "You fucking retards."

Revenge Pornographer Will Only Post Addresses of People He Hates, Wants the Press To Focus on 'the Good Things Iv Done'

Camille Dodero · 12/03/12 02:45PM

For more than two weeks, alcoholic squirrel Hunter Moore has been soliciting revenge-porn submissions for his soon-to-be-launched site, a new endeavor he's promised would be "very scary," "something that will [make] you question if you will ever want to have kids." The dick-pic boogeyman also Tweeted about including "people's house info with google earth directions" and then told the New York Observer's BetaBeat that one of the "scary as shit" aspects would, in fact, be the inclusion of personal home addresses "so you can stalk people." This detail, as Moore himself put it, had a lot of people "freaking out."

'It's All Gonna Be Back': Hunter Moore Lied About Wiping Is Anyone Up's Archives

Camille Dodero · 11/29/12 02:30PM

Sext hustler Hunter Moore has announced plans to launch a new-and-improved site that publishes revenge-porn nudes with names, social-networking links, and home addresses. Along with this user-driven stalker map, the 26-year-old is also threatening to repost much of the old content from his previous site, Is Anyone Up, on That theoretically means the founder of Dream Water, Twilight star Kiowa Gordon—plus a whole assortment of unwitting Taco Bell employees, teachers, and college kids who thought they were in the clear—will once again be naked online.

The Day My Parents (and I) Found Out My Boobs Were on the Internet

Anonymous · 08/15/12 03:55PM

We received an anonymous personal account this week from a woman who'd read about Reddit's "fusking" of private nude photographs that had been uploaded to PhotoBucket. The tipster had had a similar experience, only with a website we'd never heard of. (very NSFW), she wrote, had stolen nude photographs she'd never intended to be made public, and then—adding insult to a privacy breach she might never had known existed otherwise—linked to her Facebook profile so that her identity was matched to the embarrassment.

Hunter Moore Wants Everyone to Know He's Still a Horrible Person

Adrian Chen · 04/26/12 01:17PM

Social media sleazbag Hunter Moore said he was turning over a new leaf last week when he sold his revenge porn site Is Anyone Up to an anti-bullying website. Shock of the century: He's still a shitbag and would like everyone to pay attention to his shitbagginess.

Did a Twilight Star's Penis Pic Shut Down Is Anyone Up?

Adrian Chen · 04/23/12 11:56AM

Dick pic prick Hunter Moore insists he shut down his notorious revenge porn site Is Anyone Up? last week under his own volition. But TMZ now reports that the day before he inexplicably sold Is Anyone Up? to an anti-bullying website, Moore was hit with a cease and desist letter for posting naked pictures of Twilight actor Kiowa Gordon. (Right in the picture above; he plays Jacob Black's bff Embry Call.)

Internet's Sleaziest Pornographer Calls It Quits: 'I'm Done with Looking at Little Kids Naked All Day'

Adrian Chen · 04/19/12 03:50PM

It survived attacks from Anderson Cooper and Facebook, but the infamous revenge porn site Is Anyone Up was shut down today after Hunter Moore, the site's 30-year-old proprietor, sold it to an anti-bullying website. Moore told us in an interview that he got burnt out on ruining young women's lives. Now, he says, he just wants to help people. We definitely did not see this coming.

Facebook Declares War On Sleazy Revenge Porn Site

Adrian Chen · 12/08/11 07:04PM

Facebook is trying to shut down, a sleazy porn site built around posting the Facebook profiles of its often-unwilling subjects. But the site's owner says he's not going anywhere.

Facebook Is the Final Frontier in Amateur Porn

Adrian Chen · 11/10/11 06:30PM

The internet is no longer sated by poorly-lit shoots and shaky cameras. Amateur porn needs to be even more amateur. The cutting-edge of online smut is stalker porn: private sexy pics posted without their subjects' consent, paired with a screenshot of their Facebook profile.