In Twist of Fate, Fat May Shrink Brains

Andrew Belonsky · 08/23/09 08:28PM

Fat: it's good for lewd and cruel jokes, but it's not so good for your health - including that of your brains. It eats them!

Awful Looking Nic Cage Remake May Find an Audience After All!

Natasha VC · 07/29/09 07:50PM

Remember how you emailed a friend that trailer for some failed movie? One that by all appearances looked like a total misfire and couldn't get a distributor? Even though thespian powerhouse Nic Cage was the lead? Remember how you laughed?

Murdoch To Hacks: Quit Whining

Ryan Tate · 11/17/08 06:57AM

Amid all the hair-pulling over magazine and newspaper layoffs, Rupert Murdoch's speech broadcast in Australia Sunday sounds bracing: "Too many journalists — ...misguided cynics who are too busy writing their own obituary to be excited by the opportunity... — seem to take a perverse pleasure in ruminating on their pending demise," he said. "I believe that newspapers will reach new heights." But the News Corporation chairman's faith in the power of quality journalism and newspaper websites sounds an awful lot like McClatchy chief Gary Pruitt's iconoclastic (and now-ironic) defense of the industry back in 2006, in the Wall Street Journal:

Sadness. At the Movies Just Finished Its Final Episode

ian spiegelman · 08/31/08 06:04PM

I really dislike critics of any kind, subscribing as I do to the theory that they're people who cannot even for a second do the things they are paid to bitchily criticize. But I've watched At the Movies since I was a little kid and over those long years I developed a love for Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. And, given some time, I even learned to appreciate Richard Roeper when he replaced Siskel after Siskel's tragically untimely death. And I knew that Ebert and Roeper had disowned the Disney-run show and were being replaced by a couple of young nothings from nowhere. But it just hit me really hard when tonight's episode ended with Roeper announcing that it really was his final episode. And that went for Ebert too. Fuck! They really won't be back!

James Del · 03/10/08 10:39AM

Gusts near 50 MPH sent a loose chain crashing into the side of the Trump SoHo tower on Saturday night, cracking windows and showering the street with glass, officials and neighborhood residents said.

Facebook 'Is' No More

JonLiu · 11/20/07 05:50PM

Don't worry, you'll still be able to poke anyone you like, but soon Facebook will stop forcibly conjugating "to be" for you. Right now, Facebook's "status" feature automatically places an "is" in front of whatever you declare your status to be. For instance, "Aleksey Veyner is a douchebag."