Artist Murdered While Painting Mural for Peace

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/01/15 02:12PM

Police say a California artist was completing a public art project intended to fight violence in his community when he was murdered mid-painting Tuesday.

Things To Not Wear To a Confederate Rally: FUBU Sneakers

Jordan Sargent · 08/03/15 12:20PM

FUBU, the clothing brand founded by Shark Tank’s fourth most vicious shark, Daymond John, famously stands for, “For us, by us.” The “us” who FUBU was created by and intended for is not, as it turns out, white KKK members from backwater Georgia.

White Privilege Doesn't Exist, Says Noted Privileged White Man

Aleksander Chan · 08/27/14 04:09PM

Oh boy. We've long been aware that there is no room for irony in the vacuum of cable news, but Bill O'Reilly's segment last night on White Privilege™ was really something special. It doesn't exist, the man says! A lie perpetrated by a society of humans too goddamn lazy to overcome the disadvantages they are born into and most importantly: Bill O'Reilly himself.

Pamplona Bull Gores Author of How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona

Adam Weinstein · 07/09/14 09:50AM

The guy on the ground in the Associated Press photo above is Bill Hillman, 35, of Chicago, who for more than a decade has run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and just last month helped write the book on how to survive the ritual. Yesterday, the bull won. But it's not as bad as it looks!

Fox News Takes Some Liberties with the BioShock Infinite Logo

Jay Hathaway · 07/03/14 08:50AM

BioShock Infinite creator Ken Levine describes the game as a Rorshach test. What you make of Columbia—a sort of alternate-history America with more flying islands and killer George Washington robots—probably says more about you than it does about BioShock Infinite. Do you read the imagery as patriotism or propaganda?

Fox News Reporter Trolls Women's Conference, Is Kicked Out by Police

Aleksander Chan · 07/01/14 09:47PM

"Watters' World" is The O'Reilly Factor's Daily Show-esque segment wherein reporter Jesse Watters attempts to skewer issues and ideas capturing/distracting the American conversation. In this edition, Watters crashes the 2014 National Organization for Women conference in Albuquerque to figure out what the hell these broads are even talking about when they say there's a "war on women."

Suicide Warnings on Antidepressants Led to More Suicide Attempts

Hamilton Nolan · 06/19/14 01:21PM

A decade ago, everyone was worried about all our kids being on antidepressants. What about the side effects. So the FDA put big warnings on antidepressants about possible increased suicide risks for young people. How did that turn out?

Top Aide Behind U.K.'s Porn Filters Arrested for Child Porn

Jay Hathaway · 03/04/14 11:12AM

A top aide to U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who helped Cameron draft the legislation behind the county's national Internet porn filters, has been charged with "a potential offense relating to child abuse imagery."