Yale Fan to Be Beat Up At Harvard for Four Years

Richard Lawson · 06/10/10 10:39AM

And by "beat up" we mean slapped at weakly and then called poor. A young Oregonian actually named Yale W. Fan has decided to attend Harvard over his namesake next year. The exciting story is here, you fucking nerds.

Uninsured Conservative Activist Solicits Donations to Pay Medical Bills Incurred While Protesting Health Care Reform

Pareene · 08/10/09 12:20PM

As you can see in this confusing and poorly shot amateur video, Gladney was brutally beaten by goons and required immediate medical care (he is the guy who is briefly knocked over 6 seconds into the video and who is then shown up and running around and acting pretty much fine for the remaining 3 minutes). He got a lawyer and went to the hospital. (Maybe even in that order!)