Lesbians Kicked Out of Gertrude Stein Exhibit for Holding Hands

Maureen O'Connor · 07/19/11 03:18PM

In the pantheon of places one does not expect blatant homophobia, "Gertrude Stein exhibit at a museum in San Francisco" is pretty high on the list. And yet! A guard at San Francisco's Jewish Museum tried to kick out a pair of females for holding hands at such an event this weekend, San Francisco Chronicle columnist C. W. Nevius reports:

Coal Company Broadcasts Its Safety Violations on Reality Show, Gets Fined

John Cook · 04/08/11 05:09PM

Cobalt Coal Corp., a West Virginia mining company, has its own super-cool reality TV show on Spike TV about how dangerous its mines are, just like those Deadliest Catch guys. Unfortunately, the Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration was watching, and fined Cobalt for safety violations that it saw happening, on TV. Now if only they could do a reality show about Goldman Sachs. [AP, photo via Spike]

Craigslist Congressman Warned Teens About Dangers of the Internet

Adrian Chen · 02/09/11 09:15PM

Ex-congressman Chris Lee knows a thing or two about the dangers of the Internet. In June 2009, he penned this op-ed in the Tonawanda News explaining why he helped pass legislation that would "educate students on the dangers of the Internet." Guess the lesson plan didn't include a section on why it's a bad idea to send sexy half-naked pictures to random women on Craigslist using your real name and e-mail address.