Iraqi Officials: Head of ISIS Wounded In Airstrike

Brian Feldman · 11/09/14 04:30PM

The Associated Press is reporting that the leader of ISIS (aka the Islamic State aka ISIL), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was wounded in an airstrike on Saturday. Brief statements from Iraq’s Defense and Interiors Ministries said that al-Baghdadi had been wounded, working off of intel provided by informants within ISIS. They did not elaborate on the extent of said injuries.

Four Blackwater Guards Found Guilty for Killing 14 in Iraq

Aleksander Chan · 10/22/14 12:18PM

All four Blackwater security guards on trial for the deadly 2007 shooting in Baghdad's Nisour Square have been found guilty by a federal jury, concluding a 11-week trial. The group was charged with the killings of 14 Iraqis and injuring 17 others.

49 Hostages Held by Islamic Militants in Iraq Have Been Freed

Zara Golden · 09/20/14 01:00PM

Forty-six Turkish hostages, including diplomats, consulate guards and children, who had been captured and held for nearly three months by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq returned to Turkey Saturday morning following a successful Turkish covert operation. Three non-Turkish hostages taken in the same attack were also released.

World Powers Assemble to Formalize Military Strategy Against ISIS

Aleksander Chan · 09/15/14 07:08AM

On the heels of a third video released by ISIS depicting the beheading of a prisoner, 26 nations and representatives from the United Nations, European Union, and Arab League have assembled in Paris to formalize a battle strategy against the militants that have seized much of northern and western Iraq. "We must not allow them to have sanctuaries," Iraqi President Fuad Masum told the conference. "We must pursue them wherever they are."

Obama Set to Authorize Airstrikes in Syria as ISIS Threat Grows

Aleksander Chan · 09/10/14 07:19AM

President Obama intends to detail a plan to step up the American offensive against ISIS—including ordering airstrikes in Syria—in a televised address planned for this evening. Administration officials told the New York Times that the plan to be revealed tonight will be a longterm campaign "far more complex than the targeted strikes the United States has used against Al Qaeda in Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere."

ISIS Mass Executed Up to 770 Iraqi Soldiers, New Evidence Confirms

Allie Jones · 09/03/14 11:40AM

New evidence collected by Human Rights Watch shows that the mass executions ISIS committed in June were on a larger scale than anyone imagined. Previously, ISIS bragged that it executed 1,700 soldiers near Tikrit around June 14. Only about 160 of those deaths were confirmed by HRW then, but now the group says 560 to 770 Iraqis were mass killed.

Judge May Force Pentagon to Release 2,000 Unseen Abu Ghraib Photos

Adam Weinstein · 08/28/14 10:40AM

A U.S. district court judge has given the Department of Defense less than two weeks to convince him to halt the public release of thousands of never-before-seen inmate photos taken inside Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison while American forces operated it.

U.N. Says ISIS Massacred Hundreds in Ethnic Cleansing Push in Iraq

Adam Weinstein · 08/26/14 09:40AM

The United Nations' top commissioner for human rights argued Sunday that the Islamic State was committing "crimes against humanity" and offered proof of a prison massacre in which ISIS militants separated the inmates into Sunni and Shia groups and killed all the Shias.

Westboro Baptist Church Accepts Comedian's Offer of Free Trip to Iraq

Jay Hathaway · 08/22/14 09:06AM

Last week, comedian Adam Hills, who hosts The Last Leg on Britain's Channel 4, took the Westboro Baptist Church to task for threatening to picket Robin Williams' funeral like a bunch of dickheads. He also put his money where his mouth is and offered to fly every WBC member to Iraq to picket "the people threatening to behead Christians if they don't convert."