Maybe This Is Bad?

Jordan Sargent · 07/29/16 02:18PM

During the final few nights of the Democratic National Convention, the politically-minded users of Twitter dot com noticed a phenomenon: Republican commentators openly lamenting that their party’s convention had been surpassed in the category of “patriotic fuckfest” by the Democratic party they had at one point successfully branded as only for anti-war pants-pissers.

Iraq Begins Major Assault on ISIS-Held City of Fallujah

Hudson Hongo · 05/22/16 07:47PM

Early Monday morning, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi went on live TV to announce the launch of a military campaign to retake the city of Fallujah, which has been controlled by ISIS since early 2014.

The Intercept Begins Releasing Snowden Files, Starting With the NSA's Quirky Crazy Cool Internal Newsletter

Brendan O'Connor · 05/17/16 09:35AM

Today, The Intercept began the process of making the archive of documents provided by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden available to the wider public, beginning with the first three months of SIDtoday, an internal, top secret agency newsletter that began publishing 11 days after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The files are available for download here.

Brendan O'Connor · 05/03/16 06:56AM

A U.S. military service member has been killed in combat in northern Iraq, the Associated Press reports. The American, serving as an advisor to Kurdish Peshmerga troops, was killed by “direct fire” from Islamic State forces that had breached the Peshmerga’s forward line.

Donald Trump Is The Iraq War

Hamilton Nolan · 03/23/16 12:26PM

History regularly offers up events that turn out to be litmus tests for political courage, wisdom, and judgment. The last one was the Iraq War. The new one is the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Lied About Iraq

Brendan O'Connor · 02/14/16 11:01PM

At the Republican debate on Saturday, Donald Trump declared, “I’m the only one on this stage that said: ‘Do not go into Iraq. Do not attack Iraq.’ Nobody else on this stage said that. And I said it loud and strong.” This is—as the man himself might say—a big fat lie.

Three Americans Kidnapped in Baghdad: Reports

J.K. Trotter · 01/18/16 11:32AM

At least three Americans were kidnapped by militants in southern Baghdad on Saturday, according to several American and Iraqi news outlets. An unnamed official of the city’s police force confirmed the group’s disappearance to The Washington Post on Sunday evening, but their precise identities, and why exactly they were kidnapped, were initially unclear:

Ahmed Chalabi Now Convincing Christopher Hitchens That He Will Be Iraq's George Washington In Hell

Alex Pareene · 11/03/15 06:13PM

Ahmed Chalabi, a con artist who spent a decade convincing America’s foreign policy establishment to topple a dictator so the Chalabi family could resume extracting their home nation’s wealth, died of a heart attack today, about 15 years too late. If you haven’t read it in a while (or at all), now is a good time to revisit Jane Mayer’s 2004 account of how long and how hard Chalabi worked to make regime change in Iraq the main foreign policy priority of a bunch of deeply stupid but powerful people, who grew to believe, despite of the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary, that the deeply unscrupulous exile could be a credible leader of a secular and democratic Iraq.