My Blackberry Doesn't Work

Christopher Han · 12/27/10 12:30PM

A sketch from the show The One Ronnie on BBC that features our favorite hand-held, fruit-named devices; the Blackberry and Apple. The question is, how many puns can they fit inside?

iPhones Are the New 8-Ball Jackets

Hamilton Nolan · 09/28/10 10:46AM

Grand larcenies in the NYC subway system were up 15% last month, and police say it's all thanks to one devious crime: people grabbing your iPhone, or iPod, or other iThing, and running away. Do you never learn, trendsetters?

Adorable Lady Performs Poker Face with Four iPhones

Arianna Reiche · 03/30/10 02:37PM

Using four iPhone apps, a girl performed a pretty impeccable 'Poker Face'. As technically impressive as this is for the first minute or so, prepare yourself to be bombarded with the cutest one minute and fifty-eight seconds of your life.

Choire · 09/05/07 01:31PM

Over at the Apple keynote, head jerk Steve Jobs just announced they've cut the 8 gig iPhone cost to $399 from $599, making tools of everyone who already bought one of the stupid devices. [Gizmodo]