Donald Trump Sure Has a Problem Not Being Associated With Racism

Jordan Sargent · 02/25/16 03:10PM

Donald Trump would—probably!—like you to believe that his constant tangential connection to racism is a coincidence, rather than a direct function of his presidential campaign. Alas, things keep happening that sure seem to point to the contrary.

Here's the Ben Carson Smear Email Ted Cruz's Campaign Sent to Staffers in Iowa

Jordan Sargent · 02/02/16 10:45PM

Last night in Iowa, Ted Cruz’s campaign circulated a rumor about Ben Carson quitting his campaign. The rumor turned out to be untrue, and Carson’s staff is using it to explain their poor showing in the caucus. Below, you can read the fateful email that directed Cruz volunteers to turn confused Carson supporters into defectors.

Marco Rubio Loses Iowa Caucuses, Wins Narrative Primary

Alex Pareene · 02/01/16 11:27PM

This morning, the smart money had it that Donald Trump would win Iowa, and Ted Cruz would come in second—but it was possible that Trump could under-perform and Cruz would win. Well, Ted Cruz has won Iowa. Donald Trump is in second, and Marco Rubio is in third. But according to “the narrative,” Donald Trump is tonight’s big loser, and Rubio the upset victor.

You Have to Win Elections to Win Elections

Alex Pareene · 02/01/16 07:35PM

Soon we’ll have a winner in the first official contest of the 2016 election. For the Republicans, it’s likely to be Donald Trump, though it could be Sen. Ted Cruz. There is a small chance it will be Sen. Marco Rubio, the supposed “establishment” candidate. But it probably won’t be. And don’t worry: Losing—repeatedly and for a long time—is all part of Rubio’s master plan.

A Close-Up Photo of Donald Trump's Hair

Jordan Sargent · 02/01/16 06:50PM

This is a close-up photo of Donald Trump’s hair, taken by Christopher Furlong of Getty Images, at Gerald W. Kim Middle School in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Jan. 31.

Flyboy Donald Trump Is Getting Cocky With His Fancy Airplane

Brendan O'Connor · 01/31/16 09:44PM

On Saturday, Trump held another one of his airplane-hangar rallies, except this time he buzzed the tower, because the spectacle always needs to exceed itself. That music is the theme from Air Force One. Top Gun might have been more appropriate, but then again there’s no accounting for taste.

No One Wants to Talk to Ted Cruz

Ashley Feinberg · 01/28/16 11:39PM

At the end of tonight’s Trump-less GOP debate, the candidates played the customary “wander around the stage and pretend you actually like each other” game. But apparently, even when they’re just pretending, the candidates still can’t bring themselves to stomach Ted Cruz.

The Mercifully Trump-less GOP Debate Liveblog

Ashley Feinberg · 01/28/16 11:02PM

Right now, Fox News is airing the last GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses on February 1. And for the first time in our roughly 78 GOP primary debates, Donald Trump is nowhere to be seen, meaning that tonight’s theme is tear apart Ted Cruz. And we’re liveblogging every last gory detail.

Join Us Tonight for the Fox News Debate vs. Donald Trump Exhausted Tantrum Battle Royale

Ashley Feinberg · 01/28/16 04:36PM

Tonight at 9 p.m. EST, every GOP candidate who is not a[n openly] narcissistic, insolent infant will be debating on the Fox News stage for the one thousandth time. Also at 9 p.m., Donald Trump will be offering counter programming in the form of his very own, hastily assembled “Fuck You Fox News” rally. Who will win? Trick question—tonight, we all lose.