Why Would Men Ever Want to Watch Game Of Thrones?

Remy Stern · 04/15/11 02:45PM

The New York Times has taken a firm stand: Game of Thrones, the venerable paper argues, is for boys only. How bizarre is that? The show is obviously targeted exclusively at women. Here's why. [io9]

This is What Schizophrenia Looks Like at the Molecular Level

Remy Stern · 04/13/11 05:55PM

What you're looking at are neurons grown from a schizophrenic person. An incredible study, published today in Nature, reveals how scientists grew schizophrenic brain cells to understand the inner workings of this still-mysterious neurological disorder. [io9]

Sucker Punch May Represent the Death of Moviemaking

Remy Stern · 03/25/11 12:07PM

Sucker Punch is such a bad movie that it raises the bar for what counts as terrible. This film will crystallize for you all those half-formed thoughts about what's wrong with Hollywood. [io9]

Searching for Godzilla

Remy Stern · 03/22/11 05:17PM

Over the past few weeks, we've sought to understand the science behind the disaster in Japan. But a fascinating statistic from Wikipedia shows that hits on "Godzilla" jumped tremendously after the disaster too. What does this say about us? [io9]

What Can We Expect from the New Blade Runner Movie?

Remy Stern · 03/03/11 04:25PM

Yesterday we learned that Blade Runner was getting a sequel or a prequel. We spoke with the producers behind the project, and asked them your burning questions. So, will it be Blade Runner 2 or Blade Runner Origins? [io9]

Is This the End of the World?

Richard Lawson · 01/05/11 04:15PM

The new year has arrived and it is awful, what with bird/fish/crab death, floods, freezing temperatures, and zombie ex-Vice Presidents. So let's just put it all out there and list the reasons why this is already the worst year ever.

The Wisdom of Batman

Morgan Modjeski · 12/24/10 11:00AM

The classic 60s' TV series Batman causes a number of people to recall bright, poorly timed sound bubbles with ridiculous words like "ZOK" written in them, but that wasn't all they should remember. Batman was dropping knowledge left and right.

Lost Alf Footage: Alf Says the "N Word"

Richard Blakeley · 12/21/10 11:51AM

Watch a "lost" blooper reel containing the iconic 80's wise cracking extra terrestrial puppet dropping the N-bomb and more. The footage comes from a YouTube user that bought the footage as a VHS tape off of Ebay ten years ago.

A Field Guide to Wikileaks and Its Adversaries

John Cook · 12/14/10 04:32PM

In case you haven't noticed, a pasty fugitive hacker has been at war with the U.S. government for the past few weeks while his minions use the net to attack global corporations. So what's all the fuss about?

Mystery Missile Launched Off the Los Angeles Coast Last Night

Matt Toder · 11/09/10 09:09AM

Last night at dusk, a mystery missile was launched near Los Angeles, as reported by LA's KCBS. Neither the navy nor the military have claimed the missile yet, so far its origin remains unknown. Their report inside.