Jim Cramer is Still Very Bad with Numbers

Jeff Neumann · 03/18/10 04:18AM

Remember that sweaty guy who helped lots of people make terrible decisions with their life savings before, and during, the financial crisis? Yeah. Well, he still does that. And now the SEC is investigating his website,, over poor accounting.

Pay No Attention to the Bulls Literally Rampaging Through Urban Streets

Hamilton Nolan · 09/28/09 02:17PM

The Way We Live Now: Rootin-tootin! Hot as a tamale! The market is booming! Stocks are soaring! Investors are throwing, literally, packets of money, as projectiles! They hit companies and companies merge together! Bulls are running the streets! Dangerously!

These 10,000 Newspapers Will Pay Off Down The Line

Hamilton Nolan · 11/06/08 05:42PM

A 67-year-old fella in Bellingham, Washington named Thomas Baldwin spent $1,700 buying up 10,000 copies of the Bellingham Herald's November 5 "Obama Wins" edition. Baldwin has a friend "who sells copies of newspapers that are decades old at trade shows," and he reckoned that there might be a profit in those there papers a few decades down the road. Let's leave aside the spectacle of the garage full of rotting copies of the Bellingham Herald that will inevitably be the inheritance of Baldwin's children and just point out to Mr. Baldwin—hey, the entire newspaper industry is on the phone for you with a very attractive price on several thousand copies of the March 26, 2003 "Troops trudge ahead" issue of the Anniston Star. Think about it. [Bellingham Herald via Romenesko]

'Genius' With $20 Million Seeks Producer; Must Like Hermits, Work Cheap

STV · 04/09/08 06:40PM

A browse through Defamer's Craigslist Hall of Fame suggests a near-future when all of Hollywood's hopes, dreams and ambitions will be funneled directly through the classifieds. We've never been more certain than we were this afternoon, when an eagle-eyed tipster spotted a real genius — not one of these half-assed Uwe Boll types, but a guy who can actually spell "nanotechnology" — on the prowl for a very generous producer: