Wife Claims Investment Banker Drunkenly Pissed, Shit All Over Bedrooms

Jordan Sargent · 10/27/14 05:21PM

Marrying an investment banker is definitely a great thing. You get tons of money, for one, and you always get to see your husband. Also, he definitely isn't an insane and horrible human being who recklessly ravages his mind and body with drugs and alcohol to the point that he urinates and defecates all over your million-dollar homes.

Activities Better for Your Health than Investment Banking

Hamilton Nolan · 02/15/12 04:05PM

Oh-oh, a new study of entry-level investment bankers finds the young masters of the universe afflicted with "insomnia, alcoholism, heart palpitations, eating disorders and an explosive temper." And that's the young ones. Why destroy yourself like that? There are lots of safer activities than investment banking.

Embarrassing PowerPoint Résumé Actually Works

Maureen O'Connor · 12/01/10 02:41PM

Eager for work in the financial industry, an MBA student fired off a PowerPoint presentation entitled "9 Reasons Why You SHOULD Hire Me As Your Investment Banking Analyst." And, because, "Passion Is Business," she reportedly landed several interviews.