Which DNC Chicken Sandwich Made a New York Times Reporter Sick?

Andy Cush · 07/28/16 12:28PM

The concourse at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center is filled with all sorts of chicken sandwiches, some of them vaguely pleasant, others pleasantly vague. But which of these breaded breasts allegedly sickened a New York Times reporter in town for the DNC?

Magazine Industry: Falling, but Then Rising!

Hamilton Nolan · 06/14/11 02:01PM

In your tremulous Tuesday media column: hard times ahead for magazines, the WSJ is batting .500, David Simon is (reasonably) touchy, investigative reporting may survive, and Weiner/ hole information.

The Decaf Deception: Yalies Rail Against Sleepy Sneak

Pareene · 05/01/08 02:00PM

The Yale Daily News has uncovered a bombshell: The University Dining Services-operated Thain Family Cafe secretly replaced its caffeinated espresso with decaf beans. They've been serving useless, unstimulating brown water to caffeine-fiending students since April 15, with no intention of revealing the ruse. This scrappy student paper got their hands on the documents that prove it: "An unsigned letter received by the News last week included a supposed photocopy of a Thain Café logbook entry from Feb. 29 that reads: 'We will also run out of reg. espresso and French roast most likely—secretly use decaf espresso to substitute the espresso—for the French, I don't know—I think we'll just have to be out.'" Cafe Manager Brian Yezierski denied the charges. But! Journalism!

Media Bubble: Time Inc. Sacks Bigshot Reporters

Jesse · 05/18/06 01:30PM

• Time Inc. budget cuts knock off two of the mag company's best reporters: Prize-winning investigative duo Barlett and Steele. [CJR Daily]
• Nerve for parents? Jeez, talk about grups. [WWD (second item)]
Wired gives awards; big winners don't show up. [AP via Yahoo]
• Bob Schieffer thinks CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan is the next Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer. But not the next Katie Couric, Bob? [WP]