Journalist Fired After Exposing Crooked Practices Of Advertiser?

Foster Kamer · 08/15/09 05:30PM

Plenty of New Yorkers are familiar with Sleepy's, the Manny Noriega-esque monopoly on mattresses. They suck! And a longtime Hartford Courant consumer affairs columnist was fired from the paper, who they advertised with, possibly for saying and proving so.

'Access Hollywood' Exposes The Truth About Paris Hilton And Drugs

mark · 06/29/07 10:39AM

Viewers of Wednesday night's friendly chat between Paris Hilton and CNN softballer Larry King will recall the interview's one marginally tense moment, when King's spit take of disbelief following his subject's repeated claims that she'd never done drugs showered the heiress in the host's black coffee, ruining her best "prison has made me a better, more compassionate person" outfit.