What Happened to Glenn Greenwald's Big Scoop?

Adam Weinstein · 07/01/14 02:00PM

Something big is brewing in NSA Revelation Land—a scoop from columnist and reporter Glenn Greenwald that was supposed to be published at midnight last night. But now Glenn Greenwald and fellow Intercept reporter Murtaza Hussein have delayed their story, pending new government information, and the internet is freaking out.

Adam Weinstein · 05/19/14 04:30PM

In a new book about the Koch brothers and their family empire, Dan Schulman raises allegations that Charles Koch "once resorted to a homosexual blackmail attempt to force [older brother] Frederick to sell his shares in their family company." (Click.)

The New U.S.-Russia Cold War Is Not About to Happen Between Dolphins

Adam Weinstein · 04/22/14 02:43PM

Last month, Russia seized Ukraine's combat dolphins. This week, the U.S. Navy was rumored to be deploying its own dolphins to the Black Sea. The Great Game seemed upon us once again: the warm-water game of cold war. But more likely, the American media just got played by a Kremlin mouthpiece.

Six Degrees of David Petraeus: The Nick Denton Connection

John Cook · 11/14/12 12:10PM

The Petraeus scandal has taken a terrifying turn. The ever-widening circle of dark and shifty characters involved in the CIA sexcapade now includes figures associated with the Lincoln Group, the secretive Iraq and Afghanistan propaganda contractor famous for paying Iraqi newspapers to run fake pro-American news stories. Which means that it also extends to a furtive, enigmatic, foreign-born media titan whose closely held firm is busily extending its tendrils into the national consciousness: Gawker Media founder Nicholas Guido Denton. Let me explain.

Did a PETA Spy Mistreat Animals So He Could Tell PETA about It?

Ravi Somaiya · 12/30/09 06:33AM

A strange case has come to light in Texas. Howard Goldman was sent into an exotic animal dealership to document cruelty. Now attorneys for the dealership accuse him of deliberately mistreating snakes in his care so he could report mistreatment.

Alec Baldwin Just Fighting With Hamptons Neighbors At HuffPo

Pareene · 01/31/08 06:50PM

Remember the story of the terribly racist "humor" column in the Hamptons Independent last week? It upset famed blogger Alec Baldwin! Baldwin wrote about the column earlier this week (and then again!) as an example of "how the Obama ascendancy is playing out in Small Town America." Leaving aside the fact that the Hamptons are "small town America" only if you are a time traveler from the 17th century, the column was idiotic and well worth piling on. BUT! Maybe Alec had an ulterior motive for singling out this particular piece of regrettable small-market bullshit for a very public flaying! Maybe Alec has some personal beef with the gentleman that wrote the column—the paper's editor, Rick Murphy. Maybe because Baldwin is involved with the East Hampton Democrats, who don't particularly get along with Murphy! Maybe Murphy mocked Alec's letters to the editor! And maybe Rick Murphy's wife left a long comment to that effect at HuffPo—a comment which mysteriously failed to appear! After the jump, Alec Baldwin's "Small town" Hamptons intrigue.