Gawker Says 'Hi' to Fox News Stalker; He Drives Away Like a Coward

John Cook · 06/22/09 09:53AM

We finally met Bill O'Reilly's stalker-producer Jesse Watters on Saturday. It was a fleeting and civil encounter—jovial, even—but ultimately unsatisfying. We asked him some questions about his stalking, and then he drove away, because he's a coward.

Dear Jesse Watters

John Cook · 06/01/09 10:40AM

Hi Jesse: It's John Cook from Gawker again. I thought I'd check in and renew my interview request in light of the murder of Dr. George Tiller yesterday because he was, in your boss' words, a "Nazi" and "baby killer" who ran a "death mill" and must be stopped.

Ambushing Bill O'Reilly's Ambusher

John Cook · 04/24/09 06:11AM

Gawker has some questions for Jesse B. Watters, the Fox News producer that Bill O'Reilly likes to send out to ambush his enemies. So we're outside his building in Long Island. Right now. (Hi, Jesse!)