Paris Hilton and Lil' Wayne Commiserate About Prison

Maureen O'Connor · 03/28/11 11:25AM

Interview, America's premiere source for transcripts of famous people talking amongst themselves, reaches surreal new heights in this month's cover story. With the help of music editor Dmitri Ehrlich, a nearly-sentient rice noodle named Paris Hilton interviewed rapper Lil' Wayne. Among the topics of discussion: The celebrities' respective incarcerations, Wayne for his latest weapons and narcotics charge, and Paris for driving drunk on a hamburger run.

Reporters Hired, Fired, Mired, Tired

Hamilton Nolan · 06/09/09 01:01PM

In your torrential Tuesday media column: No rock-breaking for Current reporters, a new job for Jesse Oxfeld, more Observer layoff victims, ad spending plunges (more), and one more unnecessary Obama book TK:

Interview's New Regime

Nick Denton · 03/12/08 11:32AM

Big changes at the magazine set up by Andy Warhol to turn his downtown friends into celebrities: in place of a frumpy lesbian, Interview is now to be led by a gay fashion template. From John Koblin's profile of Christopher Bollen, the magazine's new editor: "In crisp white oxford-cloth shirt by Adam Kimmel ("He's my favorite designer"), gray Karl Lagerfeld sweater vest, Dior navy cords and Margiela brown shoes, he was an advertiser's wet dream." One didn't think it possible: the new Interview may be even more self-loving than the old.[New York Observer]

A Magazine All About Me

Nick Denton · 03/06/08 04:54PM

Word comes in over the tipline that Christopher Bollen of V Magazine is to take over as editor of Interview, the post recently vacated by the unpleasant Ingrid Sischy. If true, hottie-about-town Bollen would be an appropriate hire for Interview, a magazine founded by Andy Warhol to explore the cult of celebrity which has devolved into a desultory circle-jerk of downtown personalities. Bollen was featured in Me Magazine, a publication with a similarly nauseating premise: each issue is devoted to a single "creative individual" and their circle of equally creative friends. (Much like today's Gawker!)

Longtime 'Interview' Editor Ingrid Sischy Out At Magazine

Maggie · 01/10/08 02:45PM

Is this the end of days? We're hearing that Interview editrix Ingrid Sischy left the title yesterday. She was a downtown publishing fixture, if a minor one, known mainly for her famous friends from an earlier New York era, like Robert Mapplethorpe, Calvin Klein, Elton John and the Versaces. True to the mission of the magazine, she interviewed them at length, often at excessive length. More background, after the jump.