Depressed Goat Is Reunited With His Burro Best Friend

Aleksander Chan · 05/26/14 09:20AM

Mr. G, a goat, and Jellybean, a burro, were both rescued from the squalor of a hoarder's home earlier this year and were, for the first time in their lives, separated to live in different animal sanctuaries. The separation left Mr. G depressed and he didn't move or eat for six days. Until he was reunited with his best friend.

Lion, Tiger, and Bear Are Best Friends Forever

Aleksander Chan · 05/23/14 02:15PM

Thirteen years ago, a lion, tiger, and bear were rescued from the basement of an Atlanta drug dealer's home. Now living in Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, the three are now the biggest BFFs in the animal kingdom.