How To Make the Stage at Internet Week New York

Marisa Gladstone · 03/10/11 04:20PM

Internet Week New York comes fast. So, here's Alex Blagg teaching us how to come up with killer panel topics in a most unique fashion. Let's just say, there's a blindfold involved. If you want to "Make the Stage," watch this video to get your buzz words going.

Cramer: "Cleveland Valley," not Silicon Valley, will save us

Nicholas Carlson · 06/09/08 12:00PM

At a breakfast event to conclude New York's Internet Week this morning,'s Jim Cramer said Valley innovation is all about creating "fancy ways to deliver music and videogames." The obstreperrific stockpicker said videogame makers Take-Two and Activision are tech's two most successful companies, other than Apple and Google — and that's fine, but it's also a sign Silicon Valley won't save us from the economic woes the markets gave a hint of last week. Instead, he predicts the Rust Belt — "Cleveland Valley," Cramer calls it — will. (Cramer joins Miss South Carolina in illustrating the need for better geography education in our schools.) The region, better known as the Cuyahoga River Valley, has had to reposition itself as the home of what Cramer calls "New Tech," building such marvels as "windmills with blades the size of 747 wings." Other highlights from Cramer's characteristically energy-charged talk and photos, below.

Thrillist beats Digg to win coveted gender ratio title in battle of Internet Week parties

Jackson West · 06/05/08 11:20AM

Caroline McCarthy made it out alive from the Diggnation "sausage fest" in Brooklyn last night, where fanboys expressed their latent homoerotic desires by mobbing Digg founder Kevin Rose. She proceeded to the Thrillist party, where a more heteronormative mix were "Gettin' Jiggy With It" and indulging in founder Ben Lerer's boom nostalgia for when his dad Ken was an executive during AOL's heyday. []

"No, I am not Julia Allison."

Jackson West · 06/03/08 06:00PM

Natali Del Conte looking more Fashion Week than Internet Week in a black dress and pearls, speaking at the New York Media Information Exchange Group meetup. Can you suggest a better caption? Do so in the comments. The best one will become the new headline. Yesterday's winner: 26footjasontaylor for "IMPEACH BALLMER. 12 GALAXIES FOR ZEGNOTRONIC ROCKET FUTURE. MSNBC: HARDBALL. MEXELOTRELLIS. HASTERPONIC LESBIANS. VISTA SP1." (Photo by Alexa)